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Leading design & technology, producing pure ozone with reliable service and support in your own time zone

Feel at ease with friendly expertise from the main suppliers for New Zealand & Australia

OZONODE is a Natural Ozone designed high quality ozone therapy generator for ozone therapy based on leading German design principals. It uses only 100% ozone resistant components: no metal, no heat, no contaminants, just pure clean precision controlled ozone. The quartz corona discharge cell with titanium electrode technology features Italian made glass giving stable and long lasting pure ozone output levels.

This easy to use medical ozone generator using corona discharge technology produces contaminate free pure medical ozone (when used with a pure oxygen source) and was designed with the home user in mind. It has 6 levels of controls to choose from giving the user a broad range of flow rate/ ozone concentration combinations within a concentration range of 4 - 92.5 ug/ml and a flowrate range from 1/16  - 1 litre per minute (LPM). This range is effective for all home protocols. Moreover the design especially allows for low concentrations at low flowrates that is necessary for direct insufflation protocols that require a low flow.

The calibrated output for each unit is tested in the factory giving you reassurance of stable ozone output according to the chart supplied.

The unit comes fitted with a standard AU/NZ plug but is worldwide compatible with voltage rating 110v or 220v. Just need a plug adapter to fit your country requirement.

Included in the package is an excellent instruction manual and recommended protocols for you to follow. Also 2 metres of silicon tubing and 2 male luer lock connector pieces. Rest assured knowing that local support is just a phone call away to help you with getting started. 

Oxygen source

This unit requires oxygen input for it to work. At Natural Ozone our customers have preferred to use our high purity output oxygen concentrator. This is easier to get started with and is the most economic solution in the long term, as you dont need to pay ongoing rental and gas costs. See our recommended high purity output oxygen concentrator. It does need to be used with a low flow regulator also available at Natural Ozone.

Alternatively you can use an industrial oxygen cylinder with this bullnose low flow industrial oxygen regulator (suitable for AUS/NZ/UK industrial oxygen bottles).

This unit comes with a 1 year warranty from the day that it is shipped and a 30 day customer satisfaction money back guarantee.

  • Ozone concentration output range (ug/ml): 4 - 92.5
  • Rated power (W): 15
  • Voltage (V): 110 - 220
  • Oxygen flow (LPM): 1/16 - 1
  • Weigh (kg): 2
  • Dimensions (mm): 240x195x80

We are available to support you in getting started with ozone therapy, over the phone, messenger, email or whatsapp however you prefer you can be assured of full support in getting yourself started with ozone therapy in the home.

Note that this listing is for the OZONODE only. The other 2 photos illustrate set up with and oxygen tank & flow meter, also how to make ozonated water with the oxygen concentrator & low flow meter set up.

Customer Reviews

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Ozone treatment for MARCoNS – multi-antibiotic resistance

I have had huge ongoing health problems due to mold exposure and recurring staph infections. The doctors kept me on antibiotics for 13th mths but the symptoms and staph infections continued. I was eventually diagnosed with mold poisoning & MARCoNS – multi-antibiotic resistance. My gut and stomach was in a terrible condition as a result and I lost all trust in the medical establishment after all of this. I have had chronic fatigue for years now. I have also had severe nasal congestion, bad allergies and all round hyper sensitivities. I had sinus surgery but it didn’t improve anything.

I gave Kim a call before Christmas and she took a lot of time to go through all the ozone therapy protocols with me and what I needed to do and what studies there had been done with ozone therapy in treating these things. I felt reassured that there were great scientific results with ozone therapy specific to staph infections and multi- antibiotic resistance. Once I got my order in it was sent straight away and I had everything arrived within a few days despite it being the busy period pre Christmas. Kim supported me throughout in getting started with each protocol and guiding me through the process.

It has now been around 3-4 weeks of doing ozone therapy. I drink 1 litre of ozonated water daily, do 4 x VI & RI treatments each week and recently got started with the EI and breathing the ozonoides.

Generally with getting started with RI & VI protocols first I am feeling miles better. I went on a huge hike that I wouldn’t have been able to do at all a number of months ago. If I feel a bit low in energy and I do an ozone treatment then I feel much better and have a lot more zing and clarity.

In particular breathing the ozonoides has been a huge relief as when blowing my nose it is considerably clearer. I am feeling the mucus build up has dried up and I can now clear my nose also in the back of my throat, it just feels really good.
Breathing the ozonoides feels sooo refreshing through the throat, nose, ears and breathing deeper into the lungs.

All this has been incredibly effective treatment when I have been sick for so long. Thanks so much to the team at Natural Ozone.

Adrienne Wade
So easy to use

I have been using my oxygen concentrator with the flow meter and ozonode for a month now and find the routine of using it 5 mornings a week so easy. I am doing lots of different therapies with it and find it easy to slip from one to the next. It is quiet and i find the gentle 'breathing' sound very soothing.
Kim has been so helpful and very understanding. I can't recommend this company highly enough.

Deborah Herod
Wonderful products

Thank you so much for all your support and guidance. The journey of healing is tough. Natural ozone products are amazing and are helping to restore my health day by day. I really love all of the products I’ve purchased so much. I highly recommend if your serious about improving your health.

Scott Reynolds

Does what it is supposed to do. Using it for oil bubbler and ozone therapy.

Massive improvement to Diverticulitis condition

I have been struggling for years with a severe divericulitis condition which causes inflammation and bulges in the colon wall and I have long suffered with constipation. I was introduced to ozone therapy at another clinic but then found Natural Ozone. After some in depth conversations with Kim she helped set me up for Home Ozone Therapy and ensured I was doing everything right. For the last 6 months every morning when I get up and start making my ozonated water, go to the bathroom and then do the Rectal Insufflation protocol (RI).

I have no more constipation! My bowel movements are healthy and no longer take medication. I am 75 but I feel like I am 50 and still doing building work. I no longer have a bloated stomach and my friends all notice the difference.