Medical Ozone Generator for ozone therapy

Ozone therapy generator

Natural Ozone Ltd (formerly know as Aquazone NZ) produces high quality medical ozone generators for ozone therapy. Using only 100% ozone resistant components: no metal, no heat, no contaminants, just pure clean precision controlled ozone.

We have 3 models, Super, Standard & Gentle Flow. The calibrated output results for these 3 medical units that we produce have been tested in an American laboratory.

Included with each machine ordered is a kit is an ozone resistant diffuser stone to make ozonated water and instructions to get started.

We are also available to support you in getting started with ozone therapy, over the phone, messenger or whatsapp however you prefer.

Made in New Zealand with local help to get you started with ozone therapy, extra parts, accessories and services at your disposal.

Oxygen source

You will need to obtain a pure oxygen source (only necessary for selected protocols). The most long term economic solution is to use an oxygen concentrator.

Alternatively you can use a welding oxygen cylinder with one of our oxygen regulators; or medical oxygen cylinder with regulator if you have access to one, but this is usually difficult. Note that all oxygen in NZ comes from the same source and is therefore the same purity thus oxygen from a welding oxygen cylinder is fine for use with oxygen therapy.

Overview of models

We have 3 models: Super, Standard & Gentle Flow. 

New: The Super unit now comes with 2 switches: Turn on both for full output and 1 switch for half output.

You can see attached here a chart that outlines the concentration output according to the flow set from the ozone unit for all 3 units.

Also following is a description of the 3 units:

Ozone Generator Model

Size & Weight

Ozone output range

Flow rate range



36 cm (Height) 11 cm (Depth) 20 cm (Width) 4 kg (Weight)

11 – 111 mg/ml

0 – 1.5 litres per minute

Suitable for all protocols that require higher flow rates and higher concentrations like for ozonated saunas and body suits. It will make ozonated drinking water the fastest.

Also can now switch to use as half output for protocols that require a lower to medium concentration at a lower flow rate.


22.5 cm (Height) 8.75 cm (Depth) 15.5 cm (Width) 3 kg (Weight)

7 – 50 mg/ml

0 – 1.5 litres per minute

Most suited to the RI protocol for a slightly higher concentration than the Gentle flow model is desired.

Gentle flow

22.5 cm (Height) 8.75 cm (Depth) 15.5 cm (Width) 3 kg (Weight)

5 – 36 mg/ml

0 – 1.5 litres per minute

Suitable for protocols that require a low flow such as VI, EI and cupping.


About our medical ozone therapy units

Natural Ozone Ltd (formerly known as Aquazone NZ) has been building ozone generators for a variety of applications since the mid 90s. The electronic component of our medical system is the pulse unit which produces plasma gas. It separates oxygen O2 molecules into high energy monatomic or singlet oxygen atoms. These are what our body takes up and uses which are hard for the organs to produce by themselves. Where the gas flows inside our generators are only ozone inert or resistant materials ensuring the purest uncontaminated medical grade ozone that it is possible to produce.

The exterior box on all models is made from powder coated heavy galvanized sheet metal which is durable and robust.

The input voltage is from 50 to 60 Hz frequency, 200 to 260 volts. We have 110 volt units also available.

Leading technology:

We have overcome the problem that existed most of the century with failures due to overheating, by introducing lower voltage, higher frequency pulse units, eliminating the high voltage heat produced by these older generation ozone generators that cause burn outs.

With this cutting edge technology we also overcame a 2nd major hurdle in manufacturing that concerns the noble gas rod type cold plasma that could not produce a high enough concentration of ozone and were expensive to manufacture.

A 3rd breakthrough in our technological development of these generators is by encasing our entire electronic component circuitry of the pulse units is in an easily accessible and replaceable solid epoxy resin block which is impervious to moisture. Moisture slowly deteriorates the exposed electrical circuits of conventional machines available today.

A more recent technological development is moving away from the dual dielectric corona discharge system that we have used in the past. This simply means that in the production chamber each of the two electrodes are shielded from each other by separate layers of ceramics. However now we have moved towards the latest German medical ozone therapy cell production technology of ozone proof high-grade titanium mono dielectrics for greater stability along with size and weight savings.

Furthermore we have an externally accessible high quality flow meter with a metering valve so flow can be adjusted according to a specific concentration. There is a flowrate / concentration chart made available on the unit itself for ease of reference.

For longer life and ease of use we strive for simplicity of design, fewer parts and simpler components. By selecting the best available electronic components, we have created this uniquely high quality end product and have achieved long-term success thus maintaining a large satisfied customer base. We have such a high level of confidence in our product that our medical units come with a 2 year guarantee.

With low overhead costs we are pleased to make available to our customers a reliable and economical product at an unmatched low price.

With 25 years in the industry and personal experiences with using and administering Oxygen/ Ozone Therapy we are happy to answer your questions. Let us guide you through the process in deciding what is the best machine for you. Contact us here.

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