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We all know that a sauna is already a great way to give mind and body a detox, for weight loss and anti-aging, just to name a few. So, why add ozone to your sauna?

An ozone sauna is an excellent way to get ozone into your system. That’s because the steam opens your pores and dilates your blood vessels. That means that the ozone, or super-charged oxygen can get straight into your skin and lymphatic system to work its metabolic magic.

How to video

This video outlines the conditions that ozone saunas can support, the equipment needed to administer an ozone sauna and how to perform this safely and effectively at home.


What are the Benefits of Ozone Sauna? 

  • As the pores of your skin open due to the heat, the ozone begins a detoxification process, especially known for the reduction of heavy metals.
  • In 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Frank Shallenberger has reported considerable improvement to the cardio vascular system with ozone sauna.
  • Ozone reacts with the body's sweat to create organic peroxides in the oils being excreted . A small amount of ozone becomes trapped within these natural oils and peroxides, which provides a sustained/prolonged effect of activated oxygen. This reaction is very similar to creating ozonated oils. For this reason, it is thought best not to shower until a few hours after your ozone sauna, once the smell of ozone has receded.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Gives the skin a deep clean.
  • Helps heal wounds, legions and infections.

What equipment do we need?

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Video Transcript


Welcome to the Natural Ozone YouTube Channel. My name is Kim Saxton, director of Natural Ozone, a family run Kiwi company dedicated to helping you harness the many benefits of ozone.

Please note, this video is not intended as personal medical advice. For all medical issues, please consult your health professional. Ozone therapy does have a firm scientific basis, in fact there are over 11 000 scientific articles related to ozone therapy on the Pub Med data base in the USA.

In this video, we will discuss how to perform an ozone sauna

Why add ozone to your sauna? 

We all know the benefits that a good soak in the sauna give to mind and body: detox, weight loss, anti-aging, just to name a few. So, why add something else you might ask?

What conditions does ozone sauna support?

Please note: Natural Ozone do not claim that this protocol will cure any conditions. There is a wealth of scientific data which you can access through the Natural Ozone study library to help guide your decision making. We always recommend that you follow the advice of your chosen health practitioner.

Like RI and VI, ozone sauna is an excellent way to get ozone into your system. That’s because the steam opens your pores and dilates your blood vessels. That means that the ozone, or super-charged oxygen as I like to call it, gets straight into your blood to work its metabolic magic.

As we know, ozone is destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi. Ozone sauna is often used to support stubborn skin infections

In his famous book “The Ozone Miracle,” Dr Frank Shallenberger reports the excellent results treating and preventing heart disease strokes and heavy metal detoxification which have arisen from his clinical experience with ozone sauna.

Home ozone therapy equipment needed to perform an ozone sauna 

To perform this protocol, you need the following equipment:

  •  Natural Ozone Home Ozone Therapy Protocol Handbook
Ozone treatment protocols


 Oxygen bottles

  • 1 X long silicon hose

  • Wooden or stainless steel chair (you need an ozone resistant material)
  • Towels
  • Small fan or activated carbon mask
These items are available in our ozone therapy bundles. 


    How to perform an ozone sauna at home using medical home ozone therapy equipment 

    Drink two cups of water prior to treatment

    Select a suitable location to set up your sauna such as a bathroom or other wet area. Make sure that the ozonode is nearby for easy operation.

    Connect the oxygen supply to the O2 in nozzle at the back of your Ozonode. We have separate videos on setting this up depending on whether you are using an oxygen concentrator or bottled oxygen. So, if this is the first time you are using your home ozone therapy equipment, please visit the appropriate video



    Assemble the sauna tent as per included instructions

    Place chair inside the sauna

    Connect the silicon tube to O3 out 1 and pass it through one of the openings such as an arm hole and close it back up, ensuring a good seal but not pinching the tube or inhibiting the ozone flow.

    Day Immunity Boost

    You will see that your Ozonode has a three-position switch marked M1, off, and M2. When we use the settings one to four, we have the switch on M1 and use the outlet marked O3 out 1


    When we use the settings five or six, we turn the switch to M2 and the outlet marked O3 out 2.

    Ensure that the Ozonode is plugged in and switched on at the wall. Set the power switch to M1

    Which level setting you will use depends on the concentration of ozone that you intend using.

    This is measured in micrograms per litre, also called gamma.

    Refer to the chart on your machine to determine which level and flow rate correspond with the gamma you require.



    Please consult your health practitioner for personal medical advice. In the protocol handbook, we pass on the general advice from the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy from the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy.

    You don’t want to accidentally breathe in ozone gas, so you will need either a small or a carbon filter mask. If using a fan, set that up to blow across your face.

    I bought this mask in the local hardware store for a few dollars.

    Fill the steamer pot with water and bring to the boil. This will take about 40 minutes

    Once steam is leaving the sauna tent, switch on the oxygen supply and set flow rate to ½ litre per minute

    Turn on the fan if you are using it

    Get into the sauna tent and put the towel around your neck to prevent ozone from escaping 

    Set power switch to M1

    Press button L3

    Enjoy the sauna with ozone for 15 minutes then switch off the machine and oxygen supply and take another 15 minutes of pure sauna.

    Wash and dry the sauna tent before storage.




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