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How to Use an Ozone Generator to Kill Odour, Bacteria, Viruses and more

Are you considering using an ozone generator to remove mould, bacteria, viruses or odor? Here is our guide on how to do it safely for your family or business. What is Ozone? How does it work? When you use ozone, you are releasing a naturally occurring gas, so you need to make sure everything is done right. Ozone is pure oxygen. The type of oxygen we are most familiar with, the kind we breathe every day, is actually dioxygen, or “02,” which is made of two oxygen atoms per molecule. Ozone is simply three oxygen atoms per molecule, or “O3.” This third oxygen atom is unstable and only shares a loose connection with the other two. Therefore, it will easily...

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Ozone - a Weapon in the Global Fight against COVID-19?

For more than 100 years, ozone has been widely used for disinfection, sterilisation, deodorisation, disintoxication and bleaching thanks to its strong oxidising action. A Natural Ozone air ozonator can disinfect an entire room and all its contents (while vacated of people) at the push of a button, not only surfaces but penetrating every nook and cranny. Ozone is being deployed as a weapon in the global fight against COVID-19 in many countries around the world. It has three main attributes: ⚡️Full coverage. Ozone created by ozone generators or electrostatic air purifiers can reach every corner of an internal space, unlike disinfectant or UV Light. ⚡️Ozone neutralises viruses by oxidising the protective layer of lipids around the pathogen, leaving no toxic...

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Ozone or Chlorine - you be the judge

See following chart which contrasts ozone compared to chlorine use in Spa Pools OZONE CHLORINE Natural Generated here by way of electrical discharge ozone is nature’s way of cleaning up the environment. Ozone is increasingly recognised and popular as the principal water purifier for spa pools. Chemical A potentially harmful chemical and probable carcinogen. According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality: "The cancer risk to people who drink chlorinated water is 93 percent higher than those who don't" Since more is absorbed via the skin when bathing in chlorinated water over drinking it - Do you really want to soak in it? Most effective Ozone is recognised among the strongest, fastest, commercially-available disinfectants and oxidants for water treatment[1] It is...

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New compostable courier bags available

Here at Natural Ozone we are always looking for ways for our products and packaging to best serve our customers and be kinder to the world and environment. Our courier bags we have been using whilst recyclable were not compostable and we wanted an even better solution to the plastic problem. These new bags are A-MAIZE-zing With a big up to our freight forwarding company, Go Sweet Spot, we are simply chuffed to be able to introduce the new compostable courier bags. Like the Amazing Natural Ozone Healing Gel, these bags are also A-MAIZE-zing!! Yes made from corn starch 🌽. More specifically made from Corn Starch PLA, and PBAT which are both internationally recognised as biodegradable and compostable. Rest assured they won't pose a threat to wildlife either. Be sure to...

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