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Ozone therapy has been shown in many scientific studies and trials to support a range of medical conditions, as well as general health and wellbeing. It is also used by bio-hackers and sportspeople to boost their vitality and performance.

Ozone therapy has been performed in clinics around the world for over 100 years, however many of us do not have access to such a service or else cannot afford the ongoing expense of clinic visits.

The Natural Ozone company was established in order to give our customers access to safe, high quality ozone therapy equipment, and to give them the support they need to embark with confidence on a wellness journey in the comfort of their own home. 

There are many different methods or protocols available to safely introduce beneficial medical ozone into your body. Each protocol introduces ozone in a way that best suits the requirements of the condition which it is supporting. There are two main approaches:

1) Systemic  -  providing ozone in a way to support the body as a whole, and 

2) Localised  - providing ozone to targeted areas of the body

These different approaches require different equipment and set up. So, to help you confidently perform your chosen protocol, we have created videos which detail how to perform each of these. In addition, when you purchase a home ozone therapy bundle from Natural Ozone, you receive our exclusive home ozone therapy handbook.

This video focuses on a systemic approach of introducing ozone to the body called Rectal Insufflation or RI. This is considered to be the most effective home ozone therapy method available, comparable to receiving expensive and time-consuming autohemotherapy at a clinic.

It only takes about ten minutes to perform RI, and once you have your own equipment, the cost is negligible. Ozone therapy should be performed on an ongoing regular basis which gives home ozone therapy a distinct advantage over the clinic-based model.

This video outlines the conditions that RI can support, the equipment needed to administer RI and how to perform RI safely and effectively at home. 

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Video Transcript: 


Welcome to the Natural Ozone YouTube Channel. My name is Simon Thomas, product manager for Natural Ozone, a Kiwi company dedicated to helping you harness the myriad benefits of ozone.

Please note, this video is not intended as personal medical advice. For all medical issues, please consult your health professional.

Ozone therapy does have a firm scientific basis, in fact there are over 11 000 scientific articles related to ozone therapy on the Pub Med data base in the USA.

In this video, we will discuss how to perform rectal insufflation, or RI as we prefer to say. Sounds a bit scary? Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit!

Why perform Rectal Insufflation (RI)?

RI is the most powerful systemic method of administering ozone at home. That’s because the bowel has a lot of blood vessels which quickly absorb the ozone and deliver it around the body. It is regarded as having a similar effect to autohemotherapy as performed in clinics where the blood is removed and mixed directly with ozone.

What conditions does RI support?

Please note: Natural Ozone do not claim that this protocol will cure any conditions. There is a wealth of scientific data which you can access through the Natural Ozone study library to help guide your decision making. We always recommend that you follow the advice of your chosen health practitioner.

People have reported success using RI as a complementary therapy to support their healing with many different conditions including various types of cancer, immune disfunction and fibromyalgia. There are several animal studies which indicate that ozone therapy helps to minimise the toxic effects of radio and chemotherapies.

Home ozone therapy equipment needed to perform RI

For this protocol, you will need the following equipment

  • Oxygen supply Ozone treatment protocols
  • Natural Ozone Ozonode medical ozone generator
  • Three chamber insufflation bag
  • RI catheter
  • Colosan powder or your choice of colon cleanse
  • Towel
  • Natural Ozone Home Ozone Therapy Protocol Handbook

Oxygen bottles

    These items are all available in our ozone therapy bundles.

    How to perform RI at home using medical home ozone therapy equipment

    RI should be performed on an empty bowel. We recommend using a gentle cleanser such as Colosan. Some people prefer to do their RI after naturally passing a motion.

    Connect the oxygen supply to the O2 in nozzle at the back of your Ozonode. We have separate videos on setting this up depending on whether you are using an oxygen concentrator or bottled oxygen. So, if this is the first time you are using your home ozone therapy equipment, please visit the appropriate video.


    You will see that your Ozonode has a three-position switch marked M1, off, and M2. When we use the levels one to four, we have the switch on M1 and use the outlet marked O3 out 1 

    When we use the settings five or six, we turn the switch to M2 and the outlet marked O3 out 2.

    Ensure that the ozonode is plugged in and switched on at the wall. Set the power switch to M1

    Which level setting you will use depends on the concentration of ozone that you intend using.

    This is measured in micrograms per litre, also called gamma.


    Refer to the chart on your machine to determine which level and flow rate correspond with the gamma you require.

    Please consult your health practitioner for personal medical advice. In the protocol handbook, we pass on the general advice from the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy from the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy.

    It is always advised to start low and slowly build up the dosage over a long period of time. In this case, we are going to make medical ozone at 19 gamma. Referring to the chart, we can see that we need a flow rate of ¼ litre per minute and the setting L2.


    If you are using an oxygen concentrator, allow 5 minutes for it to warm up, then turn the knob on the low flow meter until the ball is hovering around ¼. If you are using a gas bottle, turn on the tap and then adjust the low flow regulator to ¼

    Press the button L2 and run for two minutes while the machine warms up. I like to put my catheter on the outlet while this happens to give it an extra sterilisation.

    Now connect the three-chamber bag to the outlet marked O3 out 1. Ensure that the clip on the tubing is open.

    The three chamber bag can be filled to 200 or 400 ml. Which one you choose will depend on your personal circumstances. In this case, I will fill it to 400ml by pinching the bag as shown.

    A few minutes later...

    Once you have filled your bag to the desired level, close the clamp on the pipe, switch off the ozonode and oxygen supply.

    Remove the bag from the nozzle and connect the catheter to the end of the bag.

    Lubricate the tip of the catheter with ozonated olive oil or other natural lubricant.

    Spread out a towel and lie down on your right side.

    Gently insert the catheter into your rectum by 100 to 150mm (four to six inches)

    Unclip the clamp and gently roll the bag from the bottom up, squeezing the gas into your bowel.

    Remove the catheter and hold the gas inside for at least one minute, but longer is good if you can.

    Always wash and sterilise the catheter before and after use.

    For more information

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    Remember, we are a service orientated family business and are always happy to give advice and support.

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