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One of the best things about home ozone therapy is that there are so many different methods or protocols that enable you to safely introduce this beneficial gas into your system to support a variety of health conditions.

Each protocol requires different equipment and set up so we have created a bunch of informational videos that detail how to perform each of these protocols, with this one being about ozonated water. 

For more information on the benefits of drinking ozonated water please see our video: Is Ozonated Water Actually Good For You? 5 Powerful Uses Of Ozone.

Drinking ozonated water is an effective way to introduce ozone into the body to support your personal healing journey. In this video Kim Saxton, Director of Natural Ozone, demonstrates how to use medical home ozone therapy equipment to safely make ozonated water at home for you and your family.

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Video Transcript: 


Welcome to the Natural Ozone YouTube Channel. My name is Kim Saxton, director of Natural Ozone, a family run Kiwi company dedicated to helping you harness the many benefits of ozone.

Please note, this video is not intended as personal medical advice. For all medical issues, please consult your health professional. Ozone therapy does have a firm scientific basis, in fact there are over 11 000 scientific articles related to ozone therapy on the Pub Med data base in the USA. 

Making ozonated water with an OZONODE and water bubbler

In this video, I will demonstrate how to make ozonated water using your OZONODE medical ozone generator and Natural Ozone water bubbler. This equipment all comes supplied in the Wellness Warrior, Biohacker’s Toolkit and Ozone Enthusiast bundles.




For more information on the uses and benefits of ozonated water, please see our video “ Is Ozonated Water Actually Good For You? 5 Powerful Uses Of Ozone.

 Ozone treatment protocols The Natural Ozone home therapy bundles also come complete with this easy-to-follow protocol guide which gives a huge amount of information we have compiled from the latest research.

This is for general information only and not intended as personal medical advice. Please consult your chosen health practitioner for further instruction. 

Setting up the equipment for making ozonated water

The first thing that you are going to need is an oxygen supply. We have separate videos on setting this up depending on whether you are using an oxygen concentrator or bottled oxygen. So if this is the first time you are using your home ozone therapy equipment, please visit the appropriate video.

The other equipment you will need is the OZONODE medical ozone generator and the water bubbler.

The water bubbler comes with a stopper fitted with two silicon tubes. 

The first one is connected to this high-quality diffuser stone which I import from the USA. A lot of people use fish tank bubblers but this risks getting impurities into the water, so better to stick with the right gear.

Make sure that the tube is long enough that the diffuser stone will sit on the bottom of this one litre flask.

The other tube is designed to remove any excess ozone that bubbles out and deliver it safely to the ozone destruct nozzle which is built into your OZONODE.

This one should sit well above the water line when you have filled the flask.

Fill the flask with the amount of water that you plan to drink. Remember, we want to drink the water while the ozone is still active, around 20 minutes at room temperature.

However, refrigerated it will last a few hours. So we supply this silicon cork to give you the option of making a double batch and popping it in the fridge for later.

How to make and use ozonated water safely and effectively

Ozonated water should be drunk on an empty stomach half an hour before or three hours after food.

So, fill the flask to one litre of water. I recommend cool distilled water as cold water can hold more ozone. Push the lid on nice and tight to make sure that it doesn’t leak. Check that the diffuser stone is lying at the bottom.

The tube coming from the diffuser stone has a Luer Lock connector on the end. Secure this to the nozzle marked "O3 Out 2" on the OZONODE.



Why are we using number two instead of number one? Because we need plenty of flow for this job, so we are going to use setting number 6.

You will see that your OZONODE has a three-position switch marked M1, off and M2. When we use the settings one to four, we have the switch on M1 and use the outlet marked O3 out 1

When we use the settings five or six, we turn the switch to M2 and the outlet marked O3 out 2.

The other tube connects to the nozzle marked Ozone destruct. When choosing a medical ozone generator, it is important to ensure that there is an ozone destruct unit. Ozone is a lung irritant, so you don’t want to be breathing it in. This function will convert any excess ozone back to oxygen to keep you and your family safe.

Make sure that the OZONODE is plugged into the supplied power chord and switched on at the wall.

Now push the oxygen supply tube over the nipple on the back of the OZONODE marked O2 in.

Turn on the oxygen supply. If you are using an oxygen concentrator, switch it on. If using an oxygen bottle, open the tap

Set the low flow meter to ½ a litre per minute.

Have a look at the diffuser stone. It should begin to bubble already. If not, increase the flow rate until you get some good bubbling action happening.

Set the toggle switch on the OZONODE to M2

Set the level knob to L6

You are now making ozonated water. For one litre of water, you should allow it to run for 24 minutes.

So there we have it! You should drink it 30 minutes before or 3 hours after food. It will retain ozone for a few hours in the fridge with the silicon stopper in place. 

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