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STOP PRESS! Researchers prove that ozone gas can neutralise Covid-19! 

Just place your air ozone generator in an unoccupied room*, set the timer and flick the switch. Ozone gas neutralises viruses bacteria and mould in the air, on surfaces and in every nook and cranny of the room. It’s that easy!

Treat you home, office, clinic or hotel room at low cost and with NO MANUAL LABOUR. Remove stubborn odours such as smoke and cooking smells.



Air Ozonators Reference Chart




Ozone output

Cell type

Room size recommended *

Water ozonation



Flat plate corona discharge






Flat plate corona discharge

200 m³




Quartz tube corona discharge

100 m³




Quartz tube corona discharge

100 m³




Flat plate corona discharge

Storage box**



*Studies show that 99% of viruses and bacteria tested will be inactivated with an application of 223mg/ m³/min. This means for example a 10 parts per million of ozone for 23 minutes. Natural Ozone cannot guarantee the elimination of pathogens in any given room due to local variations. The recommendations here are to bring the average room of that size up to above 10ppm. We recommend a treatment of 30min to 1 hour to have the best chance of reducing the pathogen load. For odour reduction only, a smaller unit will be suitable.  Breathing ozone gas can be hazardous to health. Use air ozonators only in unoccupied rooms and allow one hour after treatment before re-entering the room.

**Make your own decontamination chamber for your shopping or other items that you fear may be spreading disease. This very well referenced article will show you exactly how to do it.

Keep germs from spreading among families in homes and treat musty rooms susceptible to mould

The light portable ozone generator can easily be moved from room to room and will effectively minmimise odours, smoke, pollen, dust, animal odour, dust mites, moulds, bacteria and viruses. For use in residential homes and rental spaces. Also applicable for leaky home syndrome and beneficial for asthma & allergy sufferers.

Further applications for Natural Ozone Air purifiers include:
  1. For home use: as an air purifier and odour remover for the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Remove pet, kitchen and smoke smells
  2. In restaurants, gyms, hotels, motels, cars, boats and offices use as an air purifier and odour remover
  3. Minimise germs from spreading in homes, offices, cafeterias, childcare centres and areas where people congregate
  4. Remove mould and purify air in leaky homes
  5. For removing chemical contamination (including homes that have been used as meth labs) and new paint smell (in a house, hotel, office etc),
  6. Greatly improve shelf life of vegetables in cold store
  7. Purify cars of germs and strong smells
  8. Decontaminant for frequently handled articles such as kids clothes and toys

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