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Amazing Natural Ozone Healing Gel

We take the purest organic oil, with all its beneficial qualities, and infuse it with O3 supercharged oxygen. While the natural oils nurture and balance your skin, the medical grade ozone repairs and restores, leaving your cells with the legacy of readily absorbed oxygen.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, rejuvenate it now and face the world with that Natural Ozone glow!

Spoilt for choice: Jojoba for balanced skin, extra strong hemp for stubborn spots or olive the allrounder. Buy all three and get 20% off.

Still can't decide? Check out this hand page: how to use Ozonated Healing Gels

Which oil is right for me?

Amazing Natural Ozone Jojoba Healing Gel

Restore, replenish, relieve!

Our Amazing Jojoba Gel seeps into your skin like a sponge, balancing out oiliness and dryness alike. Perfect for beauty applications, wrinkles, skin care and acne. 

Pure jojoba oil hydrates the outer layer of skin, while ozone protects from pathogens and boosts cell health through oxygen saturation. Give your skin the extra love it deserves! 😍

Amazing Natural Ozone Olive Healing Gel

Traditional treatment.

Sometimes referred to as the "Everything Gel", the natural antibiotic and antioxidant qualities of our olive healing gel make it a useful and versatile skin balm for both humans and pets. 

Amazing Natural Ozone Hemp Healing Oil

Rich and strong.

Hemp oil is famous for the healing properties inherent in the high omega 3 fatty acids. These amazing natural properties also endow hemp oil with the capacity to store the highest level of ozone in our healing gel range. It is perfect for spot treatment of problem areas but a little too sticky to use as a moisturising cream like the jojoba.


Ozone dissipates slowly in UV light however Ozone Healing Gels are extremely stable if refrigerated and will retain their efficacy for several years. Even at room temperature, kept out of sunlight, once opened, it retains its effectiveness for several months. For best effect, refrigerate between uses.

The Ozonated Jojoba Healing Gel can be kept out of the fridge for the longest as it remains solid at room temperature.


In very rare cases some have had an allergic reaction to the oil itself (there has been no indication that it has been the ozone). Always patch test first prior to applying widely.