Community O3 - The Partnership Program

Become a Natural Ozone Affiliate

Are you a naturopath, integrative GP or other health professional?

Do you have clients whom you believe could benefit from safe and effective ozone therapy?

This powerful tool harnesses the unique properties of ozone to:

  • Reduce inflammation: Soothe aching joints, muscles, and skin.
  • Boost immunity: Fight off infections and viruses, feel stronger.
  • Increase energy: Revitalize your cells, conquer your day with renewed vigour.
  • Improve circulation: Deliver oxygen efficiently, optimize overall health.

For too long, this tried and tested, scientifically backed modality has been unavailable to millions of people who could potentially reap the benefits. The Community O3 program gives practitioners the opportunity to work together with Natural Ozone to get their clients set up with home ozone therapy under the guidance of their chosen health professional with full back up and technical support.

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