Oxygen Concentrator - How To Get Started? Ozone Therapy Made Easy

As we begin to deep dive into the world of ozone therapy we have created a series of videos that look at the components and protocols involved in a home ozone therapy system. This is to help you become more familiar with the equipment and technical aspects so you can make informed decisions on what you will need to setup and successfully perform ozone therapy in the comfort of your own home.

This video gives a description on what an oxygen concentrator does and how it is used as part of the home ozone therapy kit. Detailed instructions are given on how to set up an oxygen concentrator for generating high purity ozone to meet you home ozone therapy needs.

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Video Transcript: 


Welcome to the Natural Ozone YouTube Channel. My name is Kim Saxton, director of Natural Ozone, a family run Kiwi company dedicated to helping you harness the many benefits of ozone.

Please note, this video is not intended as personal medical advice. For all medical issues, please consult your health professional. Ozone therapy does have a firm scientific basis, in fact there are over 11 000 scientific articles related to ozone therapy on the Pub Med data base in the USA. 

In this video, I will show you how to set up a Natural Ozone Oxy-96 oxygen concentrator for use as an oxygen input for ozone therapy.


Why use an oxygen concentrator?



 To conduct safe and effective home ozone therapy, we need an input of pure oxygen. There are three different ways you can achieve that. For more information, check out our video “Ozone Therapy Made Easy. What Oxygen Should I Use? 3 Methods, 1 Outcome

The air that we normally breathe is comprised of a mixture of gasses including around 21% oxygen. An oxygen concentrator is a device which uses a molecular sieve to separate out the oxygen and deliver it at a particular concentration, depending on the setting you choose.

Please note that most oxygen concentrators on the market only produce an output of maximum 90%, which is not recommended for home ozone therapy. That’s why we highly recommend the Oxy-96 which has a high purity output of at least 95% (plus or minus 3%)

Low flow meterBecause ozone therapy requires very low flow oxygen input, we need to use a low flow meter in addition to the oxygen concentrator. This device comes free of charge when you buy a Natural Ozone home ozone therapy bundle with oxygen concentrator.



Using an oxygen concentrator for breathing oxygen

OXY-96 Accessories

 The Oxy-96 comes with all the accessories you need to do oxygen therapy, which is a great back-up in case you should need it some time, for example if somebody in the family is suffering from Covid and you can’t get to a hospital.


However, these are not needed when conducting ozone therapy, so put them away in a safe place. You do need the power chord which plugs in at the back like this.


Using an oxygen concentrator for ozone therapy

One important thing to note, when conducting oxygen therapy, we fill the humidifier with water. However, for ozone therapy we do not want water entering the ozone generator. So do not fill the reservoir with water when using the Oxy-96 for this purpose. 

The low flow meter comes with two tubes, each has a luer lock connector on one end. Take the first tube and screw it firmly into the nozzle marked O2 in. Take the other end of the same tube and connect it to the nozzle marked O2 out on the Oxy-96.

Now take the second tube and connect it to the nozzle marked O2 out on the low flow meter. This will be your input tube for the medical ozone generator. This connects into the fitting on the back of the medical ozone generator marked O2 in.

Now we can switch on the oxygen concentrator by pressing the ON switch like so. You should hear a beep then the machine will make a purring sound.

Next, turn the white knob on the oxygen concentrator anticlockwise until it is all the way open

Now go to the low flow meter and look at the glass tube indicator. You will see that, like the one on the oxygen concentrator there is a silver ball. This indicates the flow rate. Again, turn this knob anticlockwise and the ball should rise up in the tube.

Sometimes, the first time you first turn it on, the knob needs a little extra pressure to get it to turn.

Now as you turn the dial clockwise and anticlockwise, you can see that the ball is rising and falling in the tube. Use the numbers on the glass tube to set the flow rate.

You should allow the oxygen concentrator to run for a few minutes before commencing ozone therapy to ensure that it has reached the correct level.

Which flow rate you require will depend on which protocol you are performing. The Natural Ozone home therapy bundles come complete with this easy-to-follow protocol guide which gives a huge amount of information we have compiled from the latest research.

 ozone therapy protocols

This is for general information only and not intended as personal medical advice. Please consult your chosen health practitioner for further instruction

You are now ready to start your first home ozone therapy protocol. We have created a library of home ozone therapy videos to assist with your journey to better wellness. Please note that when we refer to the flow rate in further instructions, that we will be talking about the indicator on the low flow meter only.

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