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As we continue to take you on a deep dive into the world of ozone therapy we are showcasing a video in our series of videos that look at the components and protocols involved in a home ozone therapy system. This is to help you become more familiar with the equipment and technical aspects so you can make informed decisions on what you will need to setup and successfully perform ozone therapy in the comfort of your own home.

This video is for those who have watched our video on 'What Oxygen Should I Use? 3 Methods, 1 Outcome' and decided to go for an oxygen tank to supply high purity oxygen for your home ozone therapy treatments.

Kim Saxton, director of Natural Ozone, gives details on how to choose and connect a low flow regulator for your chosen oxygen tank. She then details how to attach the oxygen output to your home medical ozone generator so you can begin your home ozone therapy.

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Video Transcript: 


Welcome to the Natural Ozone YouTube Channel. My name is Kim Saxton, director of Natural Ozone, a family run Kiwi company dedicated to helping you harness the many benefits of ozone.

Please note, this video is not intended as personal medical advice. For all medical issues, please consult your health professional. Ozone therapy does have a firm scientific basis, in fact there are over 11 000 scientific articles related to ozone therapy on the Pub Med data base in the USA. 

In this video, I will show you how to set up a Natural Ozone home ozone therapy bundle using an oxygen bottle.

Why use an oxygen bottle?

Oxygen tanks

To conduct safe and effective home ozone therapy, we need an input of pure oxygen. There are three different ways you can achieve that. For more information, check out our video “Ozone Therapy Made Easy. What Oxygen Should I Use? 3 Methods, 1 Outcome.

Medical oxygen is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to an oxygen input for your home ozone therapy set-up but in many places, you need a doctor’s prescription to obtain it, so that doesn’t work for everyone.

The other alternative is to buy or hire an industrial oxygen bottle such as used in welding. In many countries including Australia and New Zealand, they are filled with similar high purity oxygen as medical ozone bottles and have proven a safe and cost-effective option. You need to check if that’s the case in your home country.

Low flow regulators – which one do I need?

Whether you are using medical or industrial oxygen, you will need a special low flow regulator like this to be able to have precise control over the output of your medical ozone generator.

There are three types of low flow regulator available on the Natural Ozone website. If you choose to buy one of our bundles and receive ten percent discount on the entire kit, you will have the option at checkout to choose which one you need. So be careful to get the right one!

Here are the options:


  1. Medical Oxygen
    Medical Ozone regulator
  2. Industrial Oxygen (Nth America)
  3. Industrial Oxygen (AU & NZ)

If you live outside these regions, just get into contact with us and we can ensure that you receive the right one.

 Attaching a low flow regulator

The medical ozone low flow meter is attached like so. Please ensure that the connection is as tight as possible. 


Then open the tap on the top of the bottle. You should see the built in pressure gauge indicate the amount of gas in the bottle.

If you want to check that you have a good seal, then just spray a little diluted detergent around the join. Any leakage will cause bubbles to form.


If you have chosen industrial oxygen, then you will need a wrench to ensure a tight connection Again, it is always a good idea to check that you have a tight fit to ensure that you do not lose your precious gas.

Attaching the oxygen to your ozone generator and adjusting the flow rate

Ozone generator

Both types of regulator have an oxygen out nozzle. This is to be connected to the O2 in nozzle on the back of your medical ozone generator using the 2m long silicon tube supplied. 

That was easy! Your medical ozone generator is now ready for action!

Each different ozone therapy protocol requires a particular flow rate. Which flow rate you require will depend on which protocol you are performing. 

Ozone treatment protocols The Natural Ozone home therapy bundles come complete with this easy-to-follow protocol guide which gives a huge amount of information we have compiled from the latest research.



This is for general information only and not intended as personal medical advice. Please consult your chosen health practitioner for further instruction.

You can select the required flow rate by turning this black knob. The numbers will appear in the window. This is the same whether you use industrial or medical oxygen.

Important tip! Make sure that you turn your oxygen bottle OFF at the end of each treatment, otherwise you risk losing the remaining oxygen in the tank. 

For more information

You are now ready to start your first home ozone therapy protocol. We have created a library of home ozone therapy videos to assist with your journey to better wellness.

If you have any questions or would just like more information, please visit our website naturalozone.co.nz, send us a message or just give us a call!

Remember, we are a service orientated family business and are always happy to give advice and support.

See you in the next video!