• How is ozone created?

    Ozone is created in nature by the electrical discharge during a lightning  storm and is the fresh, invigorating smell after the storm. It is one of nature’s most powerful oxidizers.

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  • Let ozone therapy heal you from the inside

    A growing number of researches agree that the best way to improve health may be related to optimum oxygenation of every cell

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  • Simple & Effective

    Ozonated oils deliver amazing results for all your natural beauty and skin care needs. Made with only two ingredients - organic plant oils injected with ozone.

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  • Purified oxygenated water for the whole family

    The key potential benefits of drinking freshly ozonated water are that it speeds extra oxygen into the body, boosting the immune system and increases energy levels.

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  • Love your spa but can't stand the chlorine?

    Leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and rejuvenated without the chemical sting!

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  • Ozonator for your tap

    An instant ozone injection for  sanitisation, disinfection & odour removal. Remove chemicals and prolong shelf life of your produce and increase your protection from food-borne illnesses... the uses are endless

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Ozone solutions for clean air, body and water

We provide ozone products and customised solutions for various applications across industries: ozone therapy, ozonated oils, ozonated drinking water, spa ozone generators, air ozone generators, ozone water treatment

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