Our Story

Here at Natural Ozone we are super excited at how Ozone can be helpful for a huge range of applications. Whether it is to heal our bodies with ozone therapy or a broad range of skin ailments with the Amazing Natural Healing Gel range, using water ozonators and its potent disinfecting power, or keeping the air clean with our ozone air purifiers.

As we strongly believe that ozone applications can offer many environmental, sustainable, economical and health benefits, we are dedicated and passionate about making ozone products and solutions available commercially and domestically.

We do this by harnessing the power of ozone, one of natures most powerful cleaning agents, and turning it into a solution that is right for your business or household. This includes ozone generators for water, air purification and bringing ozone therapy into homes

It all started way back in 2007 when Kim was introduced to ozone therapy.. She was struggling with a wide spread candida imbalance in the body, causing a lot of discomfort and stomach issues. Usually this would take many months to re adjust by following a strict diet. Just by doing a few ozone treatments Kim was already feeling significantly better and within the next couple of weeks she was feeling full of energy with no trace of any discomfort or food sensitivities remaining.

Over the subsequent years of working with ozone therapy within the industry, Kim has greatly improved her own health and also supported numerous customers on their home ozone therapy journey. It is their stories of recovery and renewal that make it all worth the effort for Kim.

Natural Ozone supplies all the products and associated equipment required to harness the full range of applications for ozone including air and water purification, room and car sanitisation, as well as health treatment. With well-established partner companies who have manufactured to their exacting standards for over a decade, Natural Ozone is uniquely placed within Australasia to supply high quality, reliable equipment.

Meet the Team

Kim Saxton


Formally working within a small local ozone company, Kim's background in business development and MSc in International Management brought that enterprise onto a good business footing while she gained formidable knowledge of this fascinating branch of science.

Armed with these years of research and experience, Kim independently founded Natural Ozone Ltd in 2016.

Simon Thomas

Technical Director

With a background in electrical trades, Simon was one of the pioneers of domestic renewable energy systems in Australia. Now based in Aotearoa, his experience has brought a wealth of technical knowledge to Natural Ozone during the past four years. 

Simon is also a writer & musician and keeps us up to date with all the latest information. Noticed our cool guitar riff at the start of our videos? That's Simon putting the grove into our days.

Kali Foxy-Lab

Branch Manager

Since joining the team as an intern back in 2018, Kali has really got her teeth into helping out with the business.

She works like a dog and manages to dig into all sorts of situations. Her natural instinct for managing various branches is of particular benefit.