About us

As we strongly believe that ozone applications can offer many environmental, sustainable, economical and health benefits, we are excited to make ozone products and solutions available commercially and domestically. We do this by harnessing the power of ozone, one of natures most powerful cleaning agents, and turning it into a solution that is right for your business or household. This includes ozone generators for water, air purification and bringing ozone therapy into homes.

We have a small home office in Mount Pleasant, Christchurch and a workshop situated on a meditation retreat centre on a remote bay on Banks Peninsula, fostering a reflective and peaceful environment to allow us to get the job done!

Aquazone NZ (former to Natural Ozone Ltd) started up in the early 90s by Natural Ozone's lead engineer "Ozone Ron".

Kim Saxton, after working for Aquazone NZ as Business Manager for 7 years, took ownership in July 2016 and has rebranded to Natural Ozone Ltd (biggest shout out to Kiriana Glasson of Glue Creative) bringing this new online shop to you.

We have suppliers across NZ that retail various products on our behalf. These include:

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

Along with implementing sustainability initiatives, the teams work ethic cultivates a mindfulness & loving attention approach to business with this mind and heart training supported by the Raupo Bay Retreat centre

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