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Steam sauna
Steam sauna

Steam sauna

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This collapsible sauna tent neatly fold down into a carrier bag. It comes with a pot that boils water and create steam.

It is made from waterproof PVC that has excellent ozone resistance.

The tent has a hole so your head pops out at the top, tie a towel around your neck so the ozonated steam doesnt come up around your face. There is also a hole for your hands to come out so you can read etc while in the sauna. 

You can easily set up your own ozone steam sauna in your bathroom. 

Ozone saunas will effectively help your body to utilise oxygen by improving mitochondrial function. Listen to this fascinating interview with Dr Frank Shallenberger to know more!

106 cm tall x 82 cm wide. 

This is a great addition to your ozone therapy starter kit