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Silicon Ozone Cup Set
Silicon Ozone Cup Set

Silicon Ozone Cup Set

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This is for two cups that are flexible so that can be used to fit around various parts of the body.

The silicon cup/ funnel set comes with a built in ozone destruct so you dont inadvertently breathe any off gassing of ozone when you use the cup according to ozone therapy cup/ funnel protocol.

Silicon is ozone resistant and easy to clean. The flexibility of silicon makes it much more effective to use as it can be squished to shape and moulded into the shape of the body to create a good seal. This does a much better job than glass which is also fragile

The cup set comes in 2 sizes and also include standard Luer Lock connetions for easy attachment to ozone tubing.

Small cup: 3.8 cm
Large cup: 5 cm

Customer Reviews

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Hugh Taudien
The yanks should send a person to learn your operations because your product is far superior to USA

I would recommend your company before the Asians or USA because it is better products all around.
One day Wallabies will beat the All Blacks

Mark Presnell
Better than expected!

We had no idea how much of an impact this unit would make on our daily lives. It's a great machine and we can't imagine being without ozonated water any more.

Andre Malko

Good product.

Alistair Stewart
not recieved yet

Can't wait

Mary Lou Rapmund
Ozonode/Oxygen concentrator

Very happy with the service, the quality of these machines and the relative ease of setup and use. Difficult to quantify the differences experienced after starting treatment, but they seem to be confirming a study in the use of Cannabidiol and Oxygen-Ozone Combination that finds Ozone Therapy increases the potency of various medications and when used in conjunction (in my case) with high potency CBD/Indica drops the efficacy of both are increased as they hunt down and kill cancer cells leaving healthy cells alone.
Early days yet, hope has been revived though.