Oxy-Powder: Oxygen-Based Colon Cleanse for Digestive Relief and Wellness

Looking for a natural way to support your digestive health and relieve occasional constipation, bloating, and gas? Look no further than Oxy-Powder from Global Healing, the original and trusted oxygen-based colon cleanser.

Here's what makes Oxy-Powder unique:

  • Gentle and Effective: Utilises oxygen to safely and effectively cleanse the digestive tract, promoting regularity and reducing discomfort.
  • Over 23 Years of Trust: A #1 best-seller with over 6,000 reviews and millions of satisfied customers worldwide.
  • Natural Formula: Free from harsh herbs and chemicals, making it suitable for everyday use.

Benefits of Oxy-Powder:

  • Promotes regular bowel movements
  • Alleviates bloating and gas discomfort
  • Supports healthy digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Helps prevent the build-up of toxins in the colon
  • Safe and gentle for everyday use

Oxy-Powder is also:

  • Convenient: Available in a 120-capsule bottle for easy use.
  • Recommended by practitioners: Many ozone therapy practitioners use Oxy-Powder to help prevent detox reactions.

Serving size: 4 caps
Servings per container: 30

Magnesium (from ozonated magnesium oxides) amount per serving: 1400 mg
Natural Citric Acid (from Tapioca) amount per serving: 90 mg

Other ingredients: vegetarian capsule (cellulose), organic gum acacia

Suggested Use

1. Start with 4 capsules: Take 4 capsules with a full glass of purified water before bed, at least 2 hours after your last meal.

2. Adjust dosage as needed: If you don't experience 3-5 bowel movements the next day, increase the dosage by 2 capsules each night until you achieve your desired result.

3. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day while using Oxy-Powder.

4. Recommended use: Take Oxy-Powder 2-3 times weekly, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Important Note: Consult your doctor before using Oxy-Powder, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

Any questions?

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