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Oil bubbler for breathing ozonated oil - 1000 ml. Ozone therapy accessory.

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This 1000 ml flask is great for breathing ozone through oil. The bubbler and diffuser straw are made of glass while the tubing is made of silicone. Many people use it to breath ozone after it bubbles through oil. This changes the chemical structure of ozone into soothing ozonoids so it is breathable and non-irritating and targets lung and breathing conditions.

Each oil bubbler comes with a complimentary nasal cannula.

Simply fill the bubbler with no more than 200 ml of oil, this will avoid overflow as the oil tends to bubble up. Attach the tubing coming from your ozone generator to the diffuser stone that sits at the bottom in the oil, and attach the nasal cannula or other accessory to the other outlet.  It also comes with tubing, male leur lock connector and one way valve to prevent oil back flow into the unit included.