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Bags for limb bagging

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Simply insert appropriate arm or leg into the bag, insert ozone outlet tube into the opening and close with a velcro tie (not included) around your limb. 

What is Ozone Limb Bagging used for?

Ozone Limb Bagging is a simple procedure that may be very effective therapy for treating a range of stubborn and severe skin conditions such as gangrene, diabetic foot ulcers, bed sores, burns, tick (or any other insects) bites, any wounds that are infected or heal slowly, or those that refuse to heal like nail fungus. Ozone limb bagging may relieve painful conditions caused by inflammation including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Ozone inactivates all bacteria, viruses, fungus, infected open wounds, increases blood flow to the wounds, and stimulates the healing process.


These are made from 100% ozone resistant PTFE (Teflon). 

Teflon does not break down when in contact with ozone and the bag can be used to target ozone over one part of the body without releasing it into the room.

Size: 63.5 cm x 30.5 cm

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I have used both products x3 times recently and I am delighted with the outcome.
Thanks Kim

Robert Dimitrievski
Ozone Package

We have found our ozone generator and oxygen concentrator to be a high quality product that also looks great. Kim was very helpful with product choice and was quick to reply to our questions. Highly recommend to buy from Natural Ozone for your ozone needs.

Martina van den Heuvel
Kim is a real expert in Ozone.

I Love my ozone machine. Highly recommended, excellent service.

Ozone package

Wonderful customer service, even though there was a problem with some of the equipment Kim was available instantly on WhatsApp and helped me with it all including general advice on how to use it all! Thank you so much!

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The yanks should send a person to learn your operations because your product is far superior to USA

I would recommend your company before the Asians or USA because it is better products all around.
One day Wallabies will beat the All Blacks