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Flowzone Tapmaster-0.2 Tap connected instant water ozonator

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Tap connected instant water ozonator

The Flowzone Tapmaster‘s core component technology was designed in Germany and is an economical and sustainable solution for residential and commercial use. Quick and easy to install, the Tapmaster connects to most faucets via the instant gas-liquid micro-diffuser.

Once connected to the unit with the silicon tube provided, ozonated water comes out automatically within half a second of turning on the tap.

See user manual for more information including how to install.

Ozone eliminates E.coli approximately 3000 times faster than chlorine and eradicates 99% of known viruses, bacteria and microorganisms (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) and is safe to drink. It neutralises pesticides, chemicals, detergents and odours while remaining safe for you and the environment.

Ozonated water has myriad uses including but not limited to;

  • Producing oxygen-rich water with 2 -4 times the oxygen content of regular tap water.
  • Reap the potential health benefits of drinking freshly oxygenated water.
  • Removing bacteria from vegetables, meats and seafood so they are safe and keep longer.
  • Neutralising pesticides and chemical residues on your vegetables, some which can remain in your body are carcinogenic.
  • Hand washing stations in schools, offices, restaurants, hotels, rest rooms, daycare facilities to prevent transmission of pathogens.
  • Use in the home to sanitisation tasks such as baby bottles & toys, work surfaces, kitchen equipment, bathrooms, floor mopping and laundry.
  • Support acne breakouts by washing your face with ozonated water.
  • Clean your teeth and rinse your mouth with ozonated water for great oral hygiene.
  • An excellent off-grid solution after water filtering has been applied for higher quality drinking water.


The ozone will oxidise virsuses, bacteria, pathogens and chemicals in the water but you are left with byproducts in the water. Check the water quality with your local council before using this to drink ozonated water. It is excellent to use alongside a reverse osmosis under the sink water filter.


  • Ozone Output: 200 mg
  • Ozone Concentration: 0.2~0.5 ppm
  • Power: 8 w
  • Voltage: AC110-220 v
  • Water Flow: 1-8 lpm
  • Water Pressure: 0.3-8 Bar
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C~50°C
  • Product Dimensions: 125mm x 103mm x 46mm
  • Weight: 2 kgs including packaging
  • Accessories: silicone tube, micro-diffuser, male-female tap adaptor, power adaptor, Velcro fastener, user manual


Unscrew the end of the water tap and screw in the Micro Diffuser that fits to a standard 22 mm tap male fitting, a female tap adaptor is included in case is neccessary for your tap. 

Connect the ozone outlet and micro diffuser with the silicone tube.

Fasten the machine on the wall with the velcro piece, press the machine gently for a few seconds to make sure it is secure. Plug into power.


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Janice Poulson
Health update

Hi Kim, thank you for the follow up with my purchase.
I am a 75 year old vaccination free woman who is always looking at ways to take care of my health and wellbeing during these challenging times.
Being drawn to purchasing a Multipurpose Ozonator after finding your site on the web and all the information you provided I am now in the process of having one glass a day.
It advises increasing slowly to up to 8 glasses a day however you suggest waiting at least 3 hours before eating after drinking ozonated water. To me that means no eating to achieve this.
Maybe we only do that if we decide to fast for a day.
So at this stage Im not sure if Im benefitting yet.
Look forward to your feedback.

Hi Janice,

Thanks for your feedback. The idea is to drink ozonated water on an empty stomach so if you process your food much quicker than is fine to drink 1 hour before eating - thats what I do. The guidelines are for those that are at the extreme end of that. I have noted your feedback here and will clarify that by updating the instructions.

Further you can drink a litre at a time, so a litre in the morning and a litre late afternoon perhaps.

If you can manage only 1 litre a day that is more than sufficient however. Many report changes to metobolism within 1 - 2 weeks and then better sense of wellbeing and energy in a mth. But again we are all so different so would depend on what your starting condition is like.

Look forward to hearing more about how you are finding ozonated water later on after you have been drinking it for longer. Please keep in touch.


Took care of a UTI!

I had a UTI that I had treated with Cranberry juice, and it mostly worked except their was still a little burning that I could not get to go, after using this machine and drinking the water twice a day, after one day it was clear and I did not have the burning sensation anymore and it has not come back. I am very grateful to have found this machine. I am looking forward to more health benefits!

Nathan Scott
Quick and easy with multiple applications

This makes it so easy to be consistent. We use this to make ozonated water for drinking first thing in the morning, oral hygiene and disinfecting anything from dishcloths to tooth brushes and getting pesticides off fruit and veg.

Rebecca Blackhurst
Awesome little device!

We really love our ozonator! Have a glass first thing in the morning, and have noticed morning brain fog disappearing! Trying to up the glasses through the day, as feeling the benefits there too. Found myself painting my kitchen three nights in a row, instead of flopping out on the couch! I am converted! Love it!

Michelle Eason
Confident in Product

Sometimes its hard to measure exact health benefits but I have full confidence in the company and the machine. It is super easy to use and set up and I am very glad I chose this product after researching what was available I believe this one is excellent.