Worried About Food Contamination? Try This Easy Solution.

We are what we eat!

We take care to choose fresh, nutritious food for our families but unless we have the time and resources to grow everything ourselves, we never really know what pesticides or pathogens may be lurking. 

Business grows!

According to this article, like “big pharma” the global agricultural chemical companies run very sophisticated marketing and sponsorship networks that reach into almost every facet of rural life.

Aussie and NZ shame

Despite its clean green rhetoric, Australia still allows dozens of agricultural chemicals that have been banned elsewhere including in the USA and Europe. Likewise in New Zealand, chemicals are being found in the water which are banned in Europe and other places.

What about organic?

Although organic food is definitely a lot better than the "big chemical" produce, it can still house chemicals that you don't want to put on the family dinner table. In addition to that, there is always the chance of toxic mould or harmful bacteria being picked up during transport and storage.

Why not just wash it?

Washing your food with water will remove some chemicals but most of them are well embedded on the surface of the food. It won't kill bacteria, viruses or mould. 

Is there a better way?

Ozone is a naturally occurring isotope of oxygen with amazing properties. Instead of the usual two atoms per molecule (O2), ozone has three. This extra oxygen atom is very unstable and takes the first chance it can find to combine with other materials. So when you wash your vegies, nuts or meat in freshly ozonated water, these extra oxygen atoms combine with the chemicals or pathogens instantly, changing their chemical makeup and scouring the food of harmful products. Not only that, due to its reactive nature, ozone quickly dissipates leaving nothing but pure, breathable oxygen.


What does the science say?

Sounds too good to be true, right? But in fact, ozone has been safely and effectively used in food preservation for decades around the world. This 2021 study from the Texas University examines the science relating to this topic and concludes that it works!

Can I do it at home?

Due to the fact that ozone devolves so quickly, we need to make it on site and use it while it is still active. Luckily, with modern technology, that can be done at the flick of a switch.

Yes, all you need to do is to place the vegetables, nuts or meat into a bowl of water and allow the Natural Ozone Multipurpose Unit to bubble through for ten minutes. After that, discard the water and your food is ready to eat!


Can Ozone do other jobs as well?

It sure can! Ozone is used in industry and medicine for a huge range of tasks. Even this little unit can create medicinal water for better health, sanitise your fridge, cupboard or car, remove unpleasant odours and much more. Check out this video for more!

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