How to Strip Your Fruit and Vegetables of Pathogens and Chemicals

So You Can Keep Your Family Healthy Naturally!

Why Ozone?

Ozone is a special form of oxygen with three oxygen atoms rather than the usual two (O3). This makes it one of the most powerful oxidising agents known to science.

Ozone has been proven time and time again in experiments to eliminate virusesbacteria and many types of fungal growth.

Ozonated water oxidises residual agricultural chemicals and washes them down the drain.

Ozone is applied in the food industry across the world to improve food safety and shelf life

Ozone dissipates naturally back to normal oxygen leaving no chemical trace

Now you can achieve the benefits of Natural Ozone in your own home with this ingenious device

Simply place the food to be treated in a bowl of water and bubble the ozone through. Make sure you do it in a well-ventilated place

Is it safe?

Ozonated water is not only safe to drink, many people use it as a regular health tonic. Ozone gas can irritate the lungs, that’s why we recommend using your machine in a well ventilated place.

What else can my Multipurpose Ozone Unit do?

Sanitise and deodorise

Ozone gas not only kills pathogens, it also eliminates odours such as smoke and cooking smells. This small unit can decontaminate and deodorise your car, fridge or small spaces such as cupboards with a short ten-minute treatment.


Ozonated water is used by dentists around the world to kill caries and improve dental health

Skin treatment

Ozonated water can reduce infections in your skin, reducing rashes, blotches and acne

Health tonic

Drink a glass of ozonated water on an empty stomach for health and vitality

Want to know more about how ozone can improve your health and support your journey to better wellness from chronic disease?

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