Love your spa, but cant stand the chemicals?
Leave your skin feeling clean, soft and rejuvenated without the chemical sting. Did you know that more chlorine is absorbed through the skin when bathing than by drinking? Let that soak in!

The durable and effective Natural Ozone Generator for Spa Pool keeps your spa pristine by infusing the water with super charged oxygen.

You know that feeling of activated energy you feel when you stand under a waterfall? Or the special fresh, clean, spring rain smell after a thunderstorm? That is the result of nature produced ozone. Now you can experience that every time you take a well-earned soak in your hot tub.

See here article comparing ozone to chlorine
Yes this unit is right for your spa and will be able to be installed in one of the 3 ways outlined on the installation instructions or we will give you your money back guarantee!

If you are the DIY type then you can install yourself following the included Spa-zonator User Manual, alternatively a spa pool technician can help. The Ozone Generator works via suction and can simply replace an old one; or connect to an existing venturi on the spa; or by installing and connecting to a ventury (spa venturi is not included).

Note that ozone is not as effective as Chlorine at eradicating algae thankfully as algae is natural and non toxic. You only need to use a small amount of the chemical in your spa once every few months to get the algae out. Just turn off the ozone machine, put a little chlorine in, wait a few days, then turn the ozone machine on again. After running the ozone machine for about an hour it will get rid of the chlorine residue in the spa pool and is ready to use.

Can I install the Spa-zonator into my cold plunge?

Short answer is yes! Not only will the ozone keep the water sparkly clean, bathing in ozonated water is incredibly good for your skin and can be an excellent relief for muscle stiffness and pain. When the water is cold it will hold much more ozone, so the health benefits of your Wim Hof ice bath are numerous. You will need to source your own pump (source from an Aquarium store) and silicon hose and fit yourself DIY style.

How some have described sitting in an ozonated spa:

“Sitting in an ozonated spa is like floating on a bed of fluffy clouds”

“It`s like breathing through your skin”

“When you get out you feel 10 years younger”

  • Quality cold CD (Corona Discharge) units – not UV (Ultra Violet) units where the UV tubes degenerate with time (within 1 year) and have very little output compared to a CD unit.
  • The unit measures 127 x 76 x 48 mm
  • High output of up to 300 mg/ hour. Strong and effective, not like other models on the market
  • Includes: Spa-zonator with 3 pin plug, user manual, 2.5 metre ozone resistant silicon tubing, 4 x mounting screws, PVC connector for 3/16 to 1/4 inch tube and check valve
  • Mountable aluminium enclosure
  • 220 V/ 50Hz, 7 W
  • One year warranty.

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