Experience the Multipurpose Power of Ozone!

Looking to purify your water, freshen your air, and revitalize your health?

The Multipurpose Ozone Generator is your one-stop solution!

This innovative device harnesses the power of ozone to eliminate odors, kill bacteria, and create refreshing ozonated water – all at the touch of a button.


  • One-Touch Ozone Production: Simply press a button for instant ozone generation.
  • Diffuser Stone Included: Perfect for creating activated ozone water for drinking or cleaning.
  • Precise Timer Control: Customize ozone treatment time for optimal results.
  • Multipurpose Applications: Ideal for air purification in cars, fridges, cupboards, and more!
  • Eliminates Odors, Mold, & Pathogens: Ozonation effectively neutralizes unpleasant smells, combats mold growth, and kills harmful bacteria.
  • Dual Power Options: Includes both a 220V power pack and a 12V car socket adapter for ultimate convenience.

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            Benefits of Ozonated Water:

            • Enhanced Immune System: Ozone can potentially boost your immune system by increasing oxygen uptake and potentially destroying harmful pathogens.
            • Improved Detoxification: Ozone may aid in detoxification by breaking down impurities and potentially supporting a healthy gut.
            • Potential Health Advantages: Explore the possibilities of ozone for overall well-being, including potentially improved blood circulation and cognitive function.

            Important Safety Information:

            • Fresh Ozonated Water is Key: For maximum benefit, consume ozonated water within 20 minutes of preparation.
            • Glass is Best: Ozonate water only in glass containers to avoid plastic contamination.
            • Supplement Support: Consider taking zinc, selenium, and vitamin E while drinking ozonated water to aid detoxification (consult your doctor before starting any supplements).
            • Safe Ozone Operation: Always operate the ozone generator in a well-ventilated area and avoid inhaling ozone directly, as it can irritate the lungs.
            • Gradual Introduction: Start with one glass of ozonated water daily and gradually increase intake to minimize potential detoxification symptoms.
            • Air and Vegetable Purification: Utilize the ozone generator for air purification in unoccupied spaces and vegetable washing, following the recommended guidelines.

            Discover More!

            • Explore additional resources on ozone therapy and its potential applications.
            • Learn more about safe ozone use and precautions.

            The Multipurpose Ozone Generator: A Multifaceted Approach to a Healthier You!

            Please Note: This product is not intended for specific medical ozone therapy protocols or for making ozonated oil.

                How to use

                How to Use an Ozone Generator for Making Drinking Water

                Important Note: While ozone can be effective for treating some contaminants in water, it is not a guaranteed method for creating completely safe drinking water. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using ozonated water for medical purposes.

                Here's a guide on using an ozone generator to treat drinking water:


                • High-quality Corona Discharge Ozone Generator (not UV Ozone Generator)
                • Ozone-resistant bubbler
                • Glass container


                1. Choose the Right Ozone Generator: Standard UV Ozone Generators won't produce enough ozone for creating "Medical Ozonated Water" as described here. Opt for a high-quality Corona Discharge Ozone Generator.
                2. Ozonate in Glass: Plastic containers can leach chemicals during ozonation. Always use a glass or stainless steel vessel to ensure water purity.
                3. Ozonation Time: Ozonate for extended periods compared to typical recommendations. Treat each liter of water for at least 20 minutes (10 minutes per half-liter).
                4. Freshness Matters: Ozonated water loses potency over time. Use or drink it soon after preparation. Refrigeration can slow down ozone degradation, but expect a 50% ozone loss within 24 hours.
                5. Start with Filtered Water: Filtered water is preferred for better results. Distilled or Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water will give even higher purity of ozonated water.
                6. Travel Use: Ozonation can be a helpful method for purifying questionable tap water while traveling. However, it does not filter out byproducts so is always advised to use alongside a water filter.
                7. Safe Operation: Ozone can be harmful if inhaled in high concentrations. Leave the room or open a window for proper ventilation while the ozone generator is running.

                Additional Information:

                • Ozonated water has a short shelf life. The ozone will naturally convert back to oxygen.
                • More ozone concentration can be beneficial for water treatment within the recommended timeframe. Excess ozone won't harm the water.

                Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and should not be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using ozonated water for medical purpose

                • Ozone output: 300 mg / h
                • Quality long lasting Corona Discharge unit (not the UV units which only last around a year)
                • Includes 1 x diffuser stone, silicon tubing and car adapter
                • Comes with AU/NZ power plug
                • CE certification
                • Dimensions: 15.5 x 21 x 6 cm
                • Input power - 12VDC comes with 110-230V, 50-60hz adaptor and car plug adaptor
                • Air purification: Up to 20m³
                • High output of up to 300mg/ hour.
                • Wall mountable/ portable
                • Useful digital timer that can be set for 1 - 30 mins or on and off on a cycle
                Installation Instructions

                Download and browse through the informative instructional manual.

                • Build your own Rapid Decontamination Chamber to easily decontaminate your shopping
                • Ozonate water for health benefits (see below);
                • Killing bacteria, viruses, mould and spores in water or air
                • Eliminating bad odours in the air;
                • Disinfecting fruit and vegetables from any residual chemical spray and improve shelf life;
                • Removing chemical contaminants from panels, carpets, insulation systems, paints, dyes and plastics
                • Air purification in a fridge, small room, cupboards or the car.
                • Disinfect wash cloths, tooth brushes, dentures etc

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