How to Harness the Benefits of Super Sanitising Ozone in your Own Home

ozone how does it work

Do you ever wipe down the benchtops with a commercial cleaning liquid only to smell the toxic fumes and wonder if you are doing your family more harm than good?

Do you faithfully wash your fruit and vegies hoping to remove any lingering toxins, mould or other impurities, knowing full well that water alone will not do the job?

Do you rinse your mouth with chemically produced flavoured and coloured mouthwash hoping to improve your oral health?

What if I told you that all these and many more tasks can be achieved more effectively, with NO chemical trace, using water from your kitchen tap fortified by ozone?

sanitise with ozone

This amazing device can do all that and much more!



Ozone is nature’s greatest sanitising agent. This experiment compared chlorine, ozone and heat, with ozone coming out on top.


Ozone dissipates quickly at room temperature, leaving only pure O2 gas.


Washing food in ozonated water strips agricultural chemicals, deactivates mould, bacteria, viruses and extends the shelf life of your precious food. See this study for details.


Ozone is used in dental surgeries around the world as a safe and effective sanitising agent. This study shows how ozonated water can help prevent tooth decay.

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Bert. B

How does ozone sanitise?

Quick answer: its highly unstable chemical structure (O3) can’t wait to shed that extra oxygen atom. That means that is readily combines with chemicals and pathogens, changing their makeup and rendering them inactive. Want to know more? Check out this video. The Secret Science of Ozone Gas.

Can you use it in your home?

Indeed, ozone is safe and easy to use in the home setting. Given the fact that the ozone only stays active for a short amount of time, we need to create the ozone on site and use it as soon as possible.

How to create ozonated water

Ozonated water is easy to make – simply bubble ozone gas through water for 10 to 20 minutes and you have supercharged your own water ready for use as a disinfecting wash.

You can also soak your fresh food in a tub or sink, pop the diffuser in and ozonate.



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