Ozonated Olive Healing Gel

The traditional approach

Natural Ozone Healing Gels are nothing other than pure organic oil infused with precise amounts of high quality medial ozone. No other ingredients. Why? Because the oils themselves have been known throughout history to have medicinal properties, while the ozone reduces infection and supplies activated oxygen for strong cellular activity. Aphrodite herself was fond of olive oil skin treatments such as the famous Aphrodite Mask.

Olive oil is known for moisturising, anti-aging, antibiotic and wound healing qualities, traditional uses that have been studied and proven recently by modern science. For example, this clinical trial shows that a lotion of 70% vitamin E oil and 30% ozonated oil makes an excellent wound healing cream, performing significantly better than current best available pharmaceutical product.

One of the best rewards of our work is reading the stories of healing that our customers leave in the review tab on our website and to rejoice in the benefit that our efforts bring to ordinary families. There are more than 80 just for ozonated oils!

Customer Review:

“It really is amazing

We used this oil on my 10 year olds feet. He had developed 2 warts. He didn’t want to have them burned off by the doctor so we gave the ozone oil a go. Applied twice a day. Eight of a teaspoon with a bandaid over the top and they were gone within 2 weeks! I also used it on my very painful swollen wrist. The swelling and pain has reduced significantly. I am now putting my friends onto the cream also. Highly recommended.”

It is also comforting to see that the science is finally catching up with the traditional wisdom. A randomised control trial in Iran compared the use of ozonated olive oil for treating candida against the standard Big Pharma treatment: Clotrimazole. They found that the two treatments were equally safe and effective. Why would somebody rather use a toxic chemical on their skin rather than pure ozone-drenched olive oil?


Customer Review: 

This works

Such a powerful and effective product. After only 1 application my eczema was healing. I'll always have this now.” 


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