My Covid Experience

I have always wanted to attend the Byron Bay Blues Festival. Given that we are now in Northern NSW repairing a flood ravished home, I couldn’t resist the temptation – even though I knew that there was a certain risk of catching the dreaded C.

Some well needed time out

The music was great and we sure enjoyed the break from the mud and building site back in Lismore. We headed back to our temporary caravan home with renewed optimism, although we were hearing a lot of stories of people coming home from the Bluesfest with Covid.

Some time later...

Simon and I both felt fine a couple of days after the event but just to be certain, we took a RAT. Rats! Simon tested positive.

Had we been at home, we would both have upped our usual home ozone therapy regime including breathing ozonated oil (BOO), gargling with ozonated water and the best systemic of all, rectal insufflation (RI).

Ozone and Covid

With the recent study showing that ozone therapy reduced the symptoms in 80% of long Covid cases treated, and preliminary trials showing effectiveness against acute disease, it makes perfect sense to use the available resources.

However, when we left Christchurch for Australia, we had our luggage loaded with Purimax air purifiers which are on constant turn around, being loaned out free of charge to fellow floodies to help minimise the mould. All we had with us was one multipurpose unit.


Getting Inventive with Ozonated Water

By this time, Simon was starting to feel a tickle in the throat, so we got the multipurpose into action making a soothing batch of ozonated water to gargle and drink.

We set up a routine of gargling and drinking freshly ozonated water several times each day. Simon’s tickle never got any worse and I never got it in my throat at all. In fact, I tested myself daily with back of the throat swab tests and came up negative each time.

After several days, I could feel something foreign in my sinuses, so rather than using the throat swab test, I opted for the nasal one. This time, I got a weak positive. I can’t help wondering how it would have been had we been able to use the BOO and RI protocols as well.


Business as usual

Happily, we were both back to full power in a few days and have made a full recovery.

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Stay healthy and strong

Kind regards