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Ozone Generators and Accessories

Natural Ozone provides NZ and Australia with Ozone products ready to boost your wellbeing in a variety of important ways.

We provide ozone products and customised solutions for various applications across industries: ozone therapy, ozonated oils, ozonated drinking water, spa ozone generators, air ozone generators, ozone water treatment.

Choose from our range of Ozone solutions

air ozone generators

Air Ozone Generators and Purifiers

Fixed, wall mounted air ozonators and portable air generators. Remove odours, bacteria, viruses and more.

water ozone generators

Water Ozone Generators and Ozonators

Ozone water purifiers, water generators, spa pool generators and kitchen tap solutions

water ozone generators

Home Ozone Therapy Generators

Easy to use medical ozone generators using corona discharge technology

water ozone generators

Home Ozone Therapy Starter Kit

This package offers everything you need to get started with the most popular and effective ozone therapy protocols: Drinking ozonated water and rectal insufflation.

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