Ozone Water Bubbler/ Humidifier Combination 1000 ml

This 1000ml flask can be easily switched for use between making ozonated water for drinking or for use as a humidifier. It comes with an ozone destruct that will prevent any residual ozone from offgassing into the room making it safe for you to be in the room without breathing in ozone.

Humidifiers are an excellent tool when doing insufflations as part of ozone therapy.

The ozone humidifier is used to humidify ozone before it is used for ear, rectal or vaginal insufflations. Ozone can cause some irritation as it is naturally drying and when a humidifier is added it can help the user increase the frequency of use. You need to first saturate the water in the humidifier for 2 - 4 mins before using to not lessen the strength of ozone. Once the water is saturated then it will relieve the same strength of ozone as the concentration set on your unit. 

All materials used are from "A" grade ozone resistant materials.

Included in the combination package:

  • 1000 ml Borosilicate glass flask
  • Silicon cork stopper
  • Kynar diffuser stone
  • Silicon tubing
  • Small silicon stopper (to block one hole when being used as a water bubbler)


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