Inactivation of Human Coronavirus by FATHHOME’s Dry Sanitizer Device Rapid and Eco-Friendly Ozone-Based Disinfection of SARS-CoV-2

Type: Research article

Author:  Timsy Uppal 1, Amir Khazaieli 2 , Antoine M. Snijders 3 and Subhash C. Verma


FATHHOME’s dry sanitizing technology can quickly and gently sanitize articles not compatible with traditional chemical-based disinfectants, “wet” sanitization methods, or methods involving heat and pressure. Such technology is particularly relevant to frontline workers outside the hospital setting (smaller medical/dental offices, EMS, fire and police stations, home care nurses, staff at long term care homes, retail workers, the food and hospitality industry) that produce significant amounts of daily medical and PPE waste to keep their workforce safe, but do not have access to expensive industrial-scale sanitization systems

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