Ozone Therapy in the Comprehensive Treatment of Diabetic Foot Syndrome

Type: Research article



 Aslan alekseevich teuvov, arthur muzkharbievich baziev,  Zarema nuriydinovna lovpache, irina sergeevna teunikova1,  And sergey mikhailovich chudopal2


Our studies have shown that supplementing the comprehensive treatment of patients having acute purulent surgical diseases in the main group with intravenous and topical application of ozone-containing medications resulted in:

  1. Earlier improvement in the general condition of patients,
  2. Decrease in endotoxicosis indices, acceleration of regenerative processes in the purulent wounds, decrease in the number of microbial bodies in smears-prints,
  3. Reduction of bed-days.

It should be noted that ozone therapy methods have a pronounced curative effect in DFS, they are easy to use, available to any surgical hospital and are economically viable.

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