Inactivation of Norovirus by ozone gas in conditions relevant to healthcare

Type: Experimental test results                    

Author:  J.B. Hudson a,b,*, M. Sharma a, M. Petric b,c


We evaluated the ability of ozone gas to inactivate Norovirus and its animal surrogate feline calicivirus (FCV) in dried samples placed at various locations within a hotel room, a cruise liner cabin and an office.

Norovirus was measured by quantitative reverse transcriptase real-timepolymerase chain reaction (QRT-PCR) assay, and FCV by a combination of QRT-PCR and virus infectivity assays. We were able to reduce the concentration of infectious FCV by a factor of more than 103, and in some cases beyond detection, under optimal conditions of ozone exposure with less than an hour of total operation.

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