Lifting Lockdown – Unhappy Hands?

Is ozonated water a better alternative to hand sanitiser?

With lockdowns easing across much of New Zealand and Australia, many of us head warily back to work, conscious of the ever-present risk of Covid infection.

Chemical Cleanser

Hand sanitiser, once only the staple of overseas trips, has become ubiquitous throughout our community. Sure, it’s a convenient option when you duck into the supermarket, but how good is it to be using the stuff all day long?

Can We Do Better?

A recent study compared the effectiveness of alcohol-based hand sanitiser to washing the hands in ozonated water. They found that ozonated water was better at reducing the bacterial load and had no harmful effects. However, 20% of the participants in the hand sanitiser group developed painful or itchy rashes between their fingers.

Ozone Naturally Transforms

When pure ozone gas is injected into water, it has a short and incredibly powerful sterilising effect then quickly reverts to life-sustaining oxygen. That’s why advanced countries such as Switzerland and Singapore favour the technology for treating their drinking water.

Do You Need to Buy New Taps?

Many work places are now retrofitting their taps with automatic ozone machines, which can create ozonated water at the flick of a switch. They believe that this offers their staff a safer, more environmentally sustainable option without the legacy of countless plastic bottles.

Not Only at Work!

A lot of people who are paying attention to their health and immune system start the day off with a glass of ozonated water to super-oxygenate their blood.

Wash Your Fruit, Vegies and Meat.

Ozonated water removes bacteria, mould, viruses and pesticides from food. Ozone has been proven to combat coronavirus in myriad different ways.

Natural Ozone

Flowzone Tapmaster

The Flowzone Tapmaster can be fitted to most standard taps such as kitchen and laundry. Simply unscrew the filter, replace it with the micro-diffuser and mount the unit on the wall. When you decide to use ozonated water, press the on switch then operate the tap as usual. Within seconds, potent ozonated water will be at your fingertips. 

Moving On

Natural Ozone are proud to be supporting the wellbeing of our community as we emerge from lockdowns and begin living with Covid 19 in our midst. If you would like to know more about how ozone can help boost your immune system, just give us a call.