Bursting the bubble

Isolated in the City

I am writing from a Managed Isolation Quarantine (MIQ) hotel in Auckland after a visit to Australia under the now defunct travel bubble. Our time in NSW was our first real experience of what it is like to be in a country where Covid is silently prowling the community, and believe me – it’s not that fun.

The Breakout

The Delta strain outbreak started the very day we arrived and we were lucky to escape Sydney for northern NSW before the round of interminable lockdown began. Delta is not only more infectious than the Wuhan strain, but is also more dangerous for young and old. We have our fingers crossed that such an eventuality will not happen in Aotearoa, but there is no guarantee given that the outbreak emerged from one single person who had contact with airline staff. Although his infection was detected within a few days, the horse had already bolted.

We are not Alone

However, the focus for Natural Ozone has been even further afield of late. Firstly, there was the catastrophic wave of Delta strain which devastated India, leading to many Indian Kiwis contacting us looking to support their family and friends back home. As the rates of hospitalisation skyrocketed, oxygen was in very short supply.  Luckily, we were well-stocked with high purity oxygen concentrators which we dispatched as quickly as humanly possible. We hope that these machines helped ease the suffering in this awful crisis.

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Closer to Home

More recently, our friends and neighbors in Fiji are facing a similar situation. Having travelled widely in the Pacific ourselves, we know how hard it is for island nations to distribute goods and services to outlying islands. For this reason, we have been offering a special of free shipping by timely and reliable DHL courier to all our local and overseas customers who purchase the high purity OXY-96 oxygen concentrator.

Worried about your family?

One of the key indicators of Covid infection, and the scale by which severity is measured, is blood oxygen levels. Many people who are vulnerable due to existing conditions such as asthma, emphysema, COPD, allergies etc choose to have their own high purity oxygen concentrator on hand in case an outbreak should take place and oxygen should be in short supply as has happened in many places. Our own experience tells us that even when our stock levels are high, an outbreak of Covid causes demand for such machines to quickly outstrips supply.

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Stay Safe!

There are many different approaches to keeping ourselves healthy in these difficult times. Natural Ozone is your natural partner with natural solutions for disinfection, water purification and overall bodily health.