Concerned About Covid? Oxygen is Key.

Low oxygen levels are tied to increased risk of death.

Production of medical ozone requires a pure source of oxygen. Finding a machine which can supply the 95%+ purity that this requires is a challenge. That is why Natural Ozone has been stocking high grade oxygen concentrators for many years as a service to our ozone therapy customers.

Ahead of the Curve

In mid-March 2020, as the first wave of Covid swept through, we were suddenly inundated with requests for these machines by people who wished to prepare for a situation where hospital care might be difficult or risky to access. As the Covid crisis has unfolded overseas, we were reminded of their foresight as oxygen shortages have been a huge problem in many places.


A Grim Indicator

According to this recent study from the University of Washington, patients admitted to hospital with low blood oxygen levels were 2.6 to 4 times at increased risk of death compared to those with normal levels, regardless of other symptoms.

Easy to Check

Fortunately, blood oxygen levels can be easily monitored using an inexpensive device (oximeter) which clips onto your finger to give accurate blood oxygen levels. They can be found at pretty much any pharmacy.

Underlying Conditions Count

People with underlying health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and obesity are especially at risk, so it is a great idea to have your own oximeter handy in case of Covid-19 infection. Recent days have seen ambulances parked up in front of Melbourne hospitals for many hours, adding to people’s anxiety about whether they will be able to receive hospital care when they need it.

Oxygen Concentrators – Practical Health Insurance

Oxygen concentrators such as the Natural Ozone Oxy-96 are portable devices which take in the atmospheric air (which contains around 21% oxygen) and filters out the other gasses. The high purity O2 is then supplied to the patient via a cannula or mask. Having such a device at home gives us the security of knowing that we can supply our loved ones with life-saving oxygen in the comfort of home, no matter what happens in the outside world.

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