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Oxygen Concentrators

Concentrating on Oxygen

Here at Natural Ozone, we didn’t start out trying to be one of Aotearoa’s leading suppliers of home oxygen therapy equipment. Our goal has always been to enrich our community with the highest quality ozone making equipment at a price that most people can afford.
We were there when you needed us
However, when Covid-19 first struck our shores, some people were far ahead of the game, realising that as hospitals and ambulance services become overwhelmed, we may need to car for our own loved ones at home. Sadly, this scenario has played out many times over in other countries as they succumb to wave after wave of Covid infections.
Oxygen = life
Many of us with conditions such as COPD, asthma or other chronic disease require oxygen support if we contract a serious respiratory disease. An oxygen concentrator can provide us with pure (95%) oxygen to breathe any time we need it in the comfort of our own home. For over a decade, Natural Ozone has developed relationships with highly reputable manufacturers, which is why we are still able to bring these machines to market when other suppliers cannot.

Customer Review:

"Great Price and Service

Very happy with this product. Kim organised very quickly for me and we had it delivered the morning after it was ordered - to the other end of the country! Great little unit and quite portable too."

Supply guarantee
Almost daily, we read about disruptions to global supply chains, be it from shortages of labour, computer chips, usable containers or shipping woes. We have fought a daily battle to keep our shelves stocked and make the best quality equipment available to our customers.

Customer Review:

"Peace of mind

I have my new oxygen machine sitting in my cupboard - with two over 70 and another with a compromised immune system we do not want to be admitted to the hospital unless it is absolutely necessary. The machine gives us peace of mind, as my Doctor says - 'one of us is likely to need this one day, it may not be for Covid19, but we will need this before our life ends. It is an 'Insurance' buy as we do not know what is ahead of us. Thank you for fast service, great communication and an excellent product"

Sorry for any delays
We do our best to keep the continuity of supply. Unfortunately, our latest shipments have been caught up in customs etc and some people have been left waiting. To those who have been affected, we offer our deepest apologies
Looking towards the future
 With a couple of shipments on the water already, we hope to have supply up until Christmas. After that, we will do our best but can offer no guarantees.
The worst may be yet to come
As our communities gradually reopen, we can expect to see a surge in Covid infections, as has happened elsewhere in the world. We wish you all the best of health and safety as this occurs. Remember, we are always available for advice’s just pick up the phone or flick us a message to find out how home oxygen, ozone therapy and ozone purification can help.

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