Pro – body or anti – body?

Dear Fellow Kiwis,

Can you even remember the first time you heard the word Covid? What a long two years this has been!

Brave new world

Our lives have been turned upside down, inside out, reconfigured and shaken around. Lockdowns, levels, traffic lights, vaccination, boosters, daily briefings – the list goes on and on! Still, I don’t know a single person here in the South Island who has contracted the dreaded Covid-19.

It’s coming this time

On one hand, the numbers cases are now exploding, on the other it feels like walking through a forest in a storm where trees fall in front and behind but you never quite get squashed. You hear that there were cases at a place you normally go but didn’t this week, alerts for somewhere you planned to go next day and so on. Chances are that most of us will come into contact with the pesky bug before too long.

Immune response

We probably all now know a lot more about antibodies, T-cells and spike proteins than we ever thought necessary, but do we know enough about pro-body? Are we looking at ourselves as a whole and not just a collection of individual cells? Have we relied on the vaccines (or our other choice of protection) alone rather than empowering ourselves to take control of all the circumstances that give us as whole beings the best chance to thrive under changing conditions?

Not pro, not anti!

For me, it’s not about what side you are on or blind belief in one theory or another. It’s about common sense and keeping in touch with the rhythms of life and what I know is right for my own wellbeing.

What we know and what we don’t

You don’t have to be an epidemiologist to realise that a daily walk in the sunshine, filing your lungs with fresh air and treating your precious skin to a moderate dose of vitamin D not only makes you feel better – it stimulates every cell in your body to function more efficiently. You simply can’t go wrong with that.

Water is medicine

Likewise, when I drink my daily glass of ozonated water, I not only feel energised, but I understand from the scientific research that in a similar way to a walk along the beautiful bays where I live, there are metabolic processes which help my body to maximise its cellular function and oxygen utilisation.

What if you are not that well?

Admittedly, I am one of the lucky ones. What about those who do have chronic health conditions? Of course, within our own capabilities we can try our best to eat well, exercise, get some fresh air and sunlight etc. But Covid does have a nasty way of targeting the vulnerable.

Oxygen is key

For those who feel that they or their loved ones might be at risk, I always recommend to have the tools on hand to get them through the hardest times. In this case, we know that oxygen levels are a silent and dangerous challenge to overcome.

Five star Customer testimonial:

Peace of mind

"I have my new oxygen machine sitting in my cupboard - with two over 70 and another with compromised immune system we do not want to be admitted to hospital unless it is absolutely necessary. The machine gives us peace of mind, as my Doctor says - 'one of us is likely to need this one day, it may not be for Covid19, but we will need this before our life ends'. It is an 'Insurance' buy as we do not know what is ahead of us. Thank you for fast service, great communication and an excellent product."

Is there a solution?

Over the past two years, we have assisted people across the world to get the insurance they require. Not the type of insurance where you pay endlessly to a big company hoping that they might care to back you up in case of emergency (assuming they don’t find a fine print loophole.) This type of insurance comes in the form of a machine which produces oxygen from thin air (oxygen concentrator) and a simple device which tells you exactly what the oxygen levels in your body are up to (oximeter.) These two cost-effective devices put the power back in your own hands to take action even if the health services are strained.

Pro-body is my choice

So just as the body prepares itself for an incoming attack with its immune response, I have prepared myself over these two years to best weather the coming storm. What about you?