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Maximise your digestive health with home ozone therapy. This is our most popular bundle.

Doing a colon cleanse is recommended as support to administering the Rectal Insufflation (RI) protocol for most effective results. Colosan colon cleanser allows you to do that in a gentle and convenient manner.

Drinking ozonated water may help with energy levels and support your system in detoxifying allowing you to best reap the benefits from ozone therapy. See below video demonstrating how to make ozonated water using a high purity oxygen concentrator and low flow meter as the oxygen input.



Your choice of oxygen input and low flow meter/ regulator.

Customer Reviews

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Ozonode/Oxygen concentrator

Very happy with the service, the quality of these machines and the relative ease of setup and use. Difficult to quantify the differences experienced after starting treatment, but they seem to be confirming a study in the use of Cannabidiol and Oxygen-Ozone Combination that finds Ozone Therapy increases the potency of various medications and when used in conjunction (in my case) with high potency CBD/Indica drops the efficacy of both are increased as they hunt down and kill cancer cells leaving healthy cells alone.
Early days yet, hope has been revived though.

Quality equipment from Natural Ozone

I would like to thank Kim and the team at Natural ozone for their commitment to ozone therapy and their top quality machines. Ozone therapy is such a powerful therapy and has so many uses. I was so intrigued by ozone I read a number of books and actually had three top ozone specialists join me on my podcast "Pushing the Limits" to explain how it works and how it can be used in different settings from ear insufflation to ozonated water, to rectal insufflation to the treatments done by licensed doctors like ten pass ozone.

I was blown away by the research and the longevity. It's been used in medical contexts for decades and now we have the opportunity to use it at home thanks to companies like Natural Ozone. I use mine pretty much every day for both my family and my own health. It is one of first line defenses against the various bacteria and viruses we are exposed to and I am just so grateful to have one in my home.

If you want to check out the full episodes on my globally top 200 ranked podcast including Kim Saxtons own interview click the links below:

Interview with Kim Saxton: https://www.lisatamati.com/page/podcast-kim-saxton/
Interview with Dr Robert Rowen: https://www.lisatamati.com/podcast-dr-robert-rowen/
Interview with Dr Wayne McCarthy: https://www.lisatamati.com/podcast-dr-wayne-mccarthy/

Lisa Tamati
Ultra Endurance Athlete, 3 x Author, Speaker and Health Optimisation Coach

Works great

ozone water is fantastic

exellent machine

Have used it a lot. Reconmend to anybody.

Ozone therapy starter kit Purchase

I received awesome support and service from the team at Natural Ozone. The product arrived promptly and any queries I had as regards set up and use, were answered efficiently. I am very happy with the Kit and as time goes on, look forward to being able to experience the health benefits that are associated with Ozone therapy. I am happy to endorse the product and the company Natural Ozone. Rob