Measure your heart rate and oxygen saturation levels in seconds in the comfort of home!

Do you know what the oxygen level of your blood is? Low oxygen levels are a vital warning sign for anybody suffering from ailments such as Covid-19.

It has been well documented that a sudden drop in oxygen levels can lead to dangerous complications if not addressed early. There may be no physical symptoms to indicate this, which is what makes the oximeter indispensable in any clinical setting or at home.

Now you can monitor your pulse and blood oxygen in real time.

Couple this with a Natural Ozone Oxy-96 home oxygen concentrator which creates 96% pure breathable oxygen from thin air for the ultimate peace of mind!

The Natural Ozone pulse oximeter is a high accuracy medical device which clips on your finger. The large screen displays your vital signs in various formats including easy to read figures.


Accurately measure SpO2 and PR

Low battery indicator

Low power consumption

Pulse and sound function


Small in size and weight but with large screen

Requires 2 X AAA batteries (not included)

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