Reap the systematic benefits by administering the most effective at home ozone therapy protocol. Ozone therapy by rectal insufflation is a suitable therapeutic option because it produces antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects and is feasible, safe, easy to administer in the comfort of your own home and minimally invasive.


  • OZONODE with built in ozone destruct, silicon tubing, one-way check valve, 2 x male luer connectors
  • Three-chamber bag with 2 x luer lock catheters for administering Rectal Insufflation (RI)
  • Natural Ozone Protocol Handbook. A comprehensive, step by step how-to guide which instructs in simple language how and when to perform each of the most effective home ozone protocols. The manual is regularly updated to include the latest research and complies with the Madrid Declaration, the definitive statement on best practice.

Your choice of oxygen input and low flow meter/ regulator.

For more information on ozone therapy see our video: Ozone Therapy Explained - Are Benefits Proven? Fact Fiction and Function.

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