Ozone treatment is a proven method to purify water and ozonated water (water saturated with ozone) is used to treat water and used as a sanitiser for various cleaning applications. Useful for commercial, office and residential kitchens to stop the spreading of disease.

Both these products are for producing ozonated tap water and feature a Micro Diffuser that allows the ozone to instantly diffuse into the water. There is a built in energy saving feature on the ozone unit that ensures it only runs when it detects water flow. When the tap is turned on, it automatically starts making ozonated water.

Which one is right for my purpose?

Here we have 2 great options to choose from. One is easily installed above your bench top and is connected via silicone tubing to the end of your tap with a micro jet mixer. The other has the ozone unit installed under your sink and comes with a stainless steel sink tap with an inbuilt Micro Diffuser.

The ozone water purifier‘s core component technology was introduced from Germany and is an economic and sustainable solution for residential and commercial use.


Compared to chlorine, ozone eliminates E.coli approximately 3000 times faster and eradicates 99% of known viruses, bacteria and microorganisms (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) and is safe to drink. It neutralizes pesticides, chemicals, detergents and odours while remaining safe for you and the environment.

  1. Significantly reduce the chlorine in your tap water if it is chlorinated
  2. Increase the level of protection from food borne illnesses
  3. The water out of your ozone water purifier produces oxygen rich water with 2-4 times the oxygen content of regular tap water
  4. Reap in the potential health benefits of drinking freshly oxygenated water (see more information below).
  5. In food preparation to remove bacteria from vegetables, meats and seafood so it is safe and extend the shelf life
  6. Sanitise cooking utensils and cutting boards 
  7. To neutralise pesticides and chemical residues in your vegetables, some which can remain in your body are carcinogenic
  8. Prolong freshness & shelf life in vegetables
  9. To wash hands in schools, offices, restaurants, hotels, rest rooms, day care facilities to stop those germs from spreading
  10. Use it at home to sanitise baby bottles & toys, work surfaces, clean kitchen equipment, bathrooms, mop the floor and wash clothes
  11. Wash your face with ozonated water excellent for achne breakouts
  12. Clean your teeth and rinse your mouth with ozonated water for great oral hygiene
  13. An excellent off grid solution to be applied pre water filtering

Key features:

Low power consumption: 12V DC rated voltage , 12W power only

Effective disinfection: Ozonated water will kill 99% bacteria and viruses in water, remove pesticides from food and reduce chlorine in the water supply.

Smart, economical and low maintenance design: The innovative Micro Diffuser part will take the place of requiring a venturi or air pump