Amazing Natural Ozone Gel - 3 kinds

Try it out for yourself! Simple and effective, comes in a 50g glass pot. These Ozonated Healing Gels are so useful, you will be amazed! And it makes an excellent gift.

We now ozonate 3 kinds of organic oils Jojoba, Olive & Hemp Seed oils. See here for more background on how to use Ozonated Healing Gels

Which oil is right for me?

The traditional Amazing Natural Ozone Olive Healing Gel is sometimes referred to as "the Everything Gel" and is used for anything and everything under the sun that applies for the skin for both humans and pets. It is the middle of the range in terms of strength of the 3 avaialbe.

Amazing Natural Ozone Jojoba Healing Gel doesn't hold as much ozone but is very absorbable and balances out the oilyness or dryness of your skin, making it perfect for beauty applications, wrinkles, skin care and acne. 

Amazing Natural Ozone Hemp Healing Gel holds the most ozone of all the oils and is water-resistant, making it very popular with people who are around water or want the strongest antibacterial and antiviral properties. This one is sticky and best for spot treatment only.


Ozone dissipates slowly in heat however Ozone Healing Gels are extremely stable if refrigerated. It keeps almost its full efficiency for many years. Even at room temperature, once opened, it retains its effectiveness for several months. For long lasting efficacy, refrigerate between uses.

The Ozonated Jojoba Healing Gel can be kept out of the fridge for the longest as it remains solid at room temperature.