How to get rid of mould

Healthy home - healthy family

We love our home, a classic 1950s bach on the shores of Corsair Bay near Christchurch. With privacy, access to the reserve, and stunning views, it’s almost perfect.

Wet and Damp

As we all know, those South Island winters can be long and wet. Here on the south side of the hill, it can be hard to keep the place warm and dry, especially in the bathroom where condensation is a challenge.

Unhealthy Houses

Tens of thousands of New Zealand homes suffer from “leaky home syndrome” where mould and mildew eat silently away at the timber framing causing serious structural damage.

The Chemical Fix

Mould is notoriously difficult to eliminate. Most people resort to the use of toxic chemicals, leaving the room filled with noxious fumes. Makes you wonder if the cure is worse than the problem itself! But there is a better way.

Natural Solutions

Ozone is one of the most oxidising agents known to science. It attacks not only the mould itself but the airborne spores as well. Unlike other treatments however, after doing the job, it quickly transforms back to oxygen leaving no chemical trace.

Customer review:

My Problem Fixed

"I bought the Purimax 5 Portable Air Ozonator to clear the air in a downstairs spare bedroom that had a smell of dampness although a moisture metre found no dampness in the room. I have only had to use the Purimax once. The odour has been completely eliminated. I am thrilled!!"

Just Flick the Switch!

Simply place the Natural Ozone Purimax into the room you wish to treat, remove humans and animals and let it run. The ozone will reach into every nook and cranny of the room eliminating mould spores and foul odours, Simon Thomas our Product Manager demonstrates how in this video co-starring our Branch Manager - Kali Dog 🤣

Which One to Buy?

The Purimax range comes in three strengths: 5, 10 and 20. It depends on the size of the room you wish to treat which one will be best. See this handy chart for more information or else just give us a buzz!