The effects of oxygen-ozone therapy on regulatory T-cell responses in multiple sclerosis patients

Type: Research paper

Author:  Safa Tahmasebi1 | Maytham T. Qasim2 | Maria V. Krivenkova3


Findings of the current study indicated the effectiveness of oxygen–ozone therapy in treating MS patients. Oxygen–ozone therapy increased the frequency of Treg cells requiring for the maintenance of tolerance and improvement of the autoimmunity. The elevated expression levels of FoxP3 and TGFβ were also found as beneficial effects of oxygen–ozone therapy, which have a role in the differentiation and development of Treg cells. Considerably, oxygen–ozone therapy decreased the expression level of miR17, a negative regulator of Treg cell, and increased the expression level of miR146a, required for the suppressive function of Treg cell in MS‐treated patients. Thereby, oxygen–ozone therapy would be a potent and effective therapeutic approach to decrease inflammation and improve MS patients.

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