Ozone Therapy Attenuates NF-κB–Mediated Local Inflammatory Response and Activation of Th17 Cells in Treatment for Psoriasis

Type: Research paper


Author:  Jinrong Zeng,1,* Li Lei,1,* Qinghai Zeng,1 Yuying Yao,2 Yuqing Wu,2 Qinxuan Li,2 Lihua Gao,1 Hongjiao Du,1 Yajie Xie,1 Jinhua Huang,1 Wenbin Tan,3,4 and Jianyun Lu


In addition to ozonated water and oil, ozone autohemotherapy and ozone gas cavity/acupoint injection have also been reported to improve the body's antioxidant capacity and regulate inflammation. Whether these treatments can be used for psoriasis has yet to be determined. Ozone can also be used in combination with other agents in order to reduce side effects and increase efficacy.

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