Oxygen-Ozone Therapy is an Effective Therapy in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Results in 100 Patients

Type: Journal article

Author:  Umberto Tirelli*, Cinzia Cirrito and Martina Pavanello


Standardized medical treatments such as glucocorticoids, antidepressants, immunotherapy or metabolic drugs, are usually not beneficial in patients with CFS. We noted the positive clinical results obtained with ozone during the last decades of clinical experimentation in many diseases, mainly the consistent improvements in fatigue and wellbeing, that justified the use of ozonate autohemotherapy in patients with CFS. It is noteworthy that the efficacy of ozone therapy is due to its capacity of simultaneously activate many metabolic pathways that have gone astray [23-25].

In this study, seventy percent response rate obtained in our 100 patients demonstrates that ozone therapy could be a successful therapy in CFS. In conclusion, at our knowledge this is the largest study of patients with CFS treated with ozone therapy. Oxygen ozone therapy is an effective therapy in the treatment of CFS, as integrative/complementary medicine [26].

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