Long-Term Results with Adjuvant Ozone Therapy in the Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain Secondary to Cancer Treatment


Type: Journal Article

Author: Bernardino Clavo, MD, PhD, *,†,‡,§,¶ Minerva Navarro, MD† Mario Federico, MD, PhD‡

Emma Borrelli, MD, PhD, k Ignacio J. Jorge, MD, PhD† Ivone Ribeiro, MD‡

Juan I. Rodr_ıguez-Melcon, MD, PhD, ‡ Miguel A. Caram_es , MD, †

Norberto Santana-Rodr_ıguez, MD, PhD§,kk,** and Francisco Rodr_ıguez-Esparrag_on, BSc, PhD*

Summary: Recently, we published a preliminary report about the potential benefit of adjuvant use of local and systemic ozone therapy (O3T) in the management of refractory pelvic pain secondary to cancer treatment, at 3 months after ozone administration. After that, several colleagues contacted us to ask for more details about the overall O3T schedule and an update of the results at longer follow-up times. The aim of this letter is to try to answer those questions.

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