Adjuvant Ozonetherapy in Advanced Head and Neck Tumors: A Comparative Study

Type: Journal Article

Author: Bernardino Clavo1,7, Ana Ruiz1,7, Marta Lloret1,7, Laura López1,7, Gerardo Suárez1,7,

David Macías2,7, Victor Rodríguez6, Maria A. Hernández1,7, Roberto Martín-Oliva2,

Santiago Quintero3, José M. Cuyás4 and Francisco Robaina5,7


In conclusion, tumor hypoxia and ischemia are known to limit treatment efficacy and, hence, the alleviation of such a predisposition to poorer treatment outcome is seen as beneficial. Ozone therapy can produce an improvement in blood flow and oxygenation in some tissues and although our findings need to be viewed with caution because of the limited number of patients enrolled, ozone therapy appears to have had some positive effect during the treatment of patients with advanced H&N tumors. The potential usefulness of ozone therapy as an adjuvant in chemo–radiotherapy for these tumors warrants further investigation.

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