Efficacy of a dermatological gel based on sunflower seed oil

Type: Research article

Author:  Francesca Serio1*, Maria D’Alba2, Giuseppe Cozzolino3, Adele Idolo1, Tiziana Grassi1, Francesco Bagordo1 and Antonella De Donno1


There is strong evidence coming from human studies and systematic reviews which supports the following health benefits of topical applied ozonized sunflower oil: antifungal treatment in adults onychomycosis, infection preventing in premature neonates, atopic dermatitis treatment in infants, anti-wrinkling and anti-ageing properties, psoriasis complementary treatment. Further detailed studies are required in the future with larger samples to make use of beneficial effect of this dermatological gel, but this study demonstrated that Oz.Or.Oil 30 can be considered as an effective medication in the treatment of bedsores.

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