Effects of hand disinfection with alcohol hand rub, ozonized water, or soap and water:

Type: Journal article

Author:  H.J. Breidablik,a,∗ D.E. Lysebo,b L. Johannessen,c Å. Skare,d J.R. Andersen,e and O. Kleivene


In conclusion, we observed that washing with a mild disinfectant such as ozonized water, besides a regular soap-and-water hand wash, may be more effective than only alcohol for the removal of transient E. coli from artificially contaminated hands. Based on this work, ozonized water might be an alternative to traditional hand disinfectants. However, larger studies in clinical settings would be required to validate its efficacy. The potential use of ozonized water against viruses should also be further examined, including a possible effect on the new COVID-19.

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