Complementary Application of the Ozonized Saline Solution in Moderate and Severe Patients with Pneumonia Covid-19: Efficacy and Tolerability

Type: Pre-print article

Author: Adriana Schwartz. 1 Gregorio Martínez-Sánchez. 2,* Alejandra Menassa de Lucía.3 Sergio Mejía Viana.4 Constanta Alina Mita.5


Results of this pilot study suggest that patients with mild to severe symptoms due to COVID-

19 disease can experience improved clinical symptoms, improved laboratory biomarkers and

decreased time of viral shedding by the inclusion of O3SS treatment as a complementary therapy to

standard care.

No side effects were observed during the O3SS treatment. The use of O3x as adjuvant treatment

for the management of the infection by SARS-CoV-2 patients has molecular and preclinical scientific

evidence and clinical justification in term of cryoprotection and control of the inflammatory response.

Based on the results of this clinical trial, it would be reasonable to conduct further clinical studies

with this therapy on other viral diseases with a similar clinical and pathophysiological profile.

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