Basic biological and therapeutic effects of ozone Therapy in human medicine

Type: Book extract

Author: E. Borrelli

Department of Surgery and Bioengineering, Postgraduate Course of Ozonetherapy,

University of Siena, Italy

  1. Bocci

Department of Physiology, University of Siena, Italy


In this chapter we will expose the biochemical and pharmacological mechanism of

action of ozone when dissolved in biological fluids. Although ozone is a strong oxidant,

under controlled conditions, it can be therapeutically useful, in several human diseases.

In fact ozone, once dissolved in the water or the blood, triggers a cascade of welldefined

chemical compounds acting on multiple cellular targets. We will demonstrate

that ozone is an extremely versatile drug and the therapeutic range has been defined

precisely to avoid any acute and chronic toxicity. An interesting aspect is that prolonged

ozone therapy allows an upregulation of the antioxidant enzymes and therefore ozone

therapy represents a system for correcting the chronic oxidative stress present in many


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